1. So, the Breath seal stack with the actual skill?? I thought that the seals didn't stack :0 ! Now I learned something new

  2. Draug and Felicia. Those are two new faces here. Glad to see you here. (joking
    Draug and Olivia barely survived make this fight reach its limits. Amazing.

  3. 今回ばかりはさすがに無理だと思ってたけど、凄い!攻略断念お詫び動画待ってるのに、これは望み薄いかな…笑

  4. 素晴らしい!面白かったです(笑)Mkさんの戦禍の戦いはやっておられますでしょうか。非常に気になります。

  5. ドーガの活躍はなんとなく想像できましたが、フェリシアがここまで戦えるとは…

  6. Gradually chipping away 2 HP from the enemy over a half hour – the true.Fire Emblem experience. Anybody who grinded for Nino knows.

  7. I tried this strategy and failed, until I realized my only trained-up Draug was Atk- Spd+…. I got him before I got the Neutral ones from quests. Crap xD Couldn't damage Legion on the defensive tile xD

    I guess I'll go train up another Draug… but ugh. I don't have that much spare time with the Tempest Trials ongoing.

    Thanks for the strat, trying to save time because of Tempest Trials. I don't know why they timed these two challenges at once.

  8. I 4* my neutral draug, so the archer kills the wall insted of just walking down (guess he has too much armor?) can i use an other red or maybe my – def 3* i still have?


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