구구단 오구오구(OGUOGU) – ‘ICE CHU’ Official M/V
2017. 08. 10 ICE CHU

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  1. Jellyfish: let's go for something light this time!
    Jellyfish: Nah! let's go with evil teens wrecking havoc in the ice cream world

  2. Y'all I deadass thought "oh since their sub-unit is oguogu means that they'll only stick to cute concepts kinda lowkey disappointed cause i wanna see them doing various styles" but this MV has them as ice cream murderers I don't even

  3. I don't care what other people say, I'm freaking loving this! The song is super catchy, choreography is wow (especially the dance break * u * ) & the whole concept is SO CUTE & also a little bit dark. Like who could think about making a concept like this? Only our Jellyfish 🙂 I love that it is so different from other cute concepts out there.

  4. Dear Jelpi please veryfi this account, because when i try to find this mv throught yt search it doesn't work and there is only link for teaser here, fro mv is only to cjen channel..

  5. anyone else reminded of old school f(x)? 😮 but i am so pleasantly surprised by this release it got stuck in my head after only 2 listens eep oguogu fighting!!! ♡


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