Which other sports miracle came so close to happening?

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Some of the greatest moments in sports were, well, miracles.

In some big time moments, an athlete’s only choice was to say a prayer and try for a miracle. And it sometimes works.

Obviously, most attempts at miracles come nowhere close to succeeding. A few do succeed. And then there are those that fall JUST short. They nearly changed history forever…but they didn’t.

I’m Justin Fraction, and today we dive into 10 sports miracles that ALMOST happened.

And a big shoutout to Mitchell Fuchs (FOOKS) for suggesting this video!

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Video Editor + Host: Justin Fraction
Written By: Alex Hoegler



  1. So what I think is a sports miracle that almost happened was super bowl 51 where the falcons stopped the 2 point conversion that would’ve sent it into overtime but one of our offensive linemen was offsides and then the patriots scored on the second try… never gonna live that down


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