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Every 12 months there is a particular group of songs that will get mercilessly pounded into our brains. I figured I would quadruple the poundage by singing all of them again to again.

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Watch/take heed to full variations of all of the songs you simply heard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5NRK8u8KOY&list=PLg835vBv0wc5c4BjpJ36_1GmNeN-2KiwK&index=1

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Copyright Chad Neidt 2013

Song List:

1. Thrift Shop
2. Come & Get It
three. Royals
four. Radioactive
5. I Knew You Were Trouble
6. Roar
7. Just Give Me A Reason
eight. Cruise
9. Harlem Shake
10. Treasure
11. Get Lucky
12. Best Song Ever
13. Wake Me Up
14. I Need Your Love
15. The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)
16. Safe and Sound
17. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
18. Wrecking Ball
19. Sweater Weather
20. Blurred Lines



  1. ive listened to this so many times i know it off by heart here goes: …….. im gonna pop some tags only got… when your ready come and get it na na na na and well never be royals…. radioactive radioactive…. i knew you were trouble when you walked in hey…. your gonna hear me roarr…. just give me a reason just a…. baby your song baby make my windows down…. and do the harlem shake…… treasure that is what you… were yp all night to get lucky were up all night…. cus we dance all night to the best song ever… so wake me up when its all over… i need your love i need your time… what does the fox say…. whoo oo oooo…. i came in like a wrecking ball…. comeeeee homee…. i hate these blurred lines…!!!! im not too sure on one or two. i love you chad! i can play it all on my guitar aswell ☺❤❤


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