Led by Kyrie Irving, the Cavaliers put up historic numbers in Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals and defeat the Warriors 137-116.

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  1. it's all good we got to play better we got to do better we have to get this game 5 when we cannot let them win on our home court let's go Warriors let's get it in let's play good basketball and some dumb calls on a Warriors in game for very dumb calls but it's all good

  2. All of a sudden bandwagon fans are all quiet cuz now they know Cavs are gonna make them blow a 3-0 lead Curry gonna choke like last year Durant gonna choke and next season he'll probably go to Cavs Draymond gonna get ejected Cavs will win and be the greatest team of all time

  3. Zaza is truly a dirty piece of shit. He felt Lebron's foot as they got tangled up in game 4, and Zaza purposely shifted his body weight to put pressure onto Jame's ankle. I'm convinced he purposely tries to injure his best opponents like Kawai. Luckily James is built like a fuckin tank ?

  4. the NBA is just like the WWE. it has a great story, drama and the out come is already decided. it's sports entertainment at it's finest. to much money involved to be freely played. once you except it for what it is fake then you can enjoy it like a play and not let your emotions get the best of you. so stop investing so much of yourself in the system and focus on what's happening around you the end is near. Jesus is coming.

  5. ref will lead game again,in Game 3,4 they helped home team, this time in Game 5 will be just ,and help visiting team!

  6. Cavs fans trying to curve the obvious ? If you watched the damn game, you'd so realize that the cavs were obviously favored from the beginning. Yes they broke records but with 22 free throws in the first quarter, Warriors would still be right there next to them. When the warriors cut the lead down to 6, that's when MORE foul calls were bein called. If the refs called the shit that they needed to call, that would be a close game just like gm 3.

  7. Its hilarious how the insanely salty bandwagons of Cringeland think they can throw rocks at Golden state fans. Bunch of hypocrites lmao


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