In this video, I check out $30 child’s makeup VS $30 actual makeup! To be trustworthy, I used to be actually shocked with the child’s eyeshadows!
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  1. The fibers that come out of the brush is used to keep the shape and form during shipping and packaging. It's very common with paintbrushes.

  2. So I was being funy so I putt a plastic bag over my head and fell in a long trash can where me head was down and my feet where up ??

  3. Alright here's the thing about makeup channels, yes, you can wear make up if you like it, and yes making informative videos is something I encourage, but is it really worth it to do ALL these reviews and videos like this? Is this going a bit overboard? Like, at least could this be a bit shorter? I personally don't see the use in this much time in one part of your day. THEN AGAIN I could be completely wrong, I'm not a girl I don't use make up XD

  4. great…this means I will never win anything because I don't have instagram…… but anyway, I ain't that lucky to be the chosen one ???

  5. Actually, I think the kid's side looks better. And I like how you put half your hair up into a ponytail so we could easily keep the different sides straight through out the video! As for my funniest childhood memory…. when we were little, we would go on family vacations every summer to historic places, towns, etc. This one summer we ended up visiting a "retired" submarine. Every time we went through a door (these submarine doors were tiny!), my mom would ask me or one of my brothers to hold her purse so she could step through. There had to be at least 2 dozen doors on the sub!

  6. Ok this is a long para but..

    Before eyeshadow brushes, sponge applicators

    Before beauty blenders, brushes

    Do you see the thing? ? Sponges are better! This means that sponge applicators make it more pigmented just like how beauty blenders make foundation more pigmented I SWEAR THIS IS SO TRUE LOOK AT SIMPLYNAILOGICALS VIDEO

    Okay bye ??

  7. hmmm I feel like you shouldve used a blush for the pink base for your eyeshadow on the really makeup side since you did that with the kids makeup

  8. I'm a man who is very sure in my heterosexuality. I have no interest in makeup. I don't have kids. I'm not married or even in a relationship. What the hell am I doing here?


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