Human error that triggered a false missile alert turned Hawaii upside down. People crawled under tables in cafes, were ushered into military hangars and huddled around televisions to watch the news for the latest developments.



  1. Some might say, you receive your karma for allowing the fake Obama certificate…. Remember when he spent American tax dollars, flying Air Force One through Manhattan for a photo shoot scaring everyone that saw plane aproaching. Media acted like no big deal, he is our first black, gay, fake American president…That ran on being the candidate for unity, but did nothing but devide. Why do you act like you are concerned about us CNN?

  2. Gillette Wyoming is a town filled with bad crisis actors milling around downtown Gillette Wyoming right NOW! They are triggered by TOBACCO products. They all should move to Hawaii. They are ANTIFA ISIS TERRORISTS !!

  3. Just shows what a bunch of inept assholes we have running things, the same people who shit in the pineapple fields are securing the nation – nice.

  4. Usually the human error comes with a face to blame. This seems to have been very organized radios, text ? Seems kind of official. Reemember the experiment where a doctor would tell a patient she or he had only a few months to live just to study their reaction?

  5. There's really not much anyone can do, if a nuclear ballistic missile is headed toward your city. The only thing you would really want to do, is grab your loved ones, and pray that God forgives you, and you will end up in heaven.

  6. Lol idiots blaming Trump like he’s the one who hit the button. If I recall it’s the dumb Governor apologizing and he he hates Trump

  7. Besides, in that short clip I saw. I DID NOT. I repeat, I did not see anybody i would have considered to be "running for their life."

  8. Unfortunately, we have a president who has taken pleasure in making fun of North Korea's leader and provoking him… Obviously, everyone is relieved that this was a false alarm, but between Trump and Kim trading jabs weekly, this could be real at some point in the future.

    Trump needs to lay off his BS about nuking North Korea before they think he's serious and they decide to take the first swing!

  9. Oh come on, that was no accident. Wreak havoc and cause panic. It's in the script. Make good with your maker people cause you never know when it will be the real thing.

  10. Allora. Stiamo aprendo posti di lavoro tramite sindaco deblasio in italia del nord. Figure di riferimento sono signori Maroni e salvini. Chiediamo un incontro a tre. Dopo del progetto si occuperà confindustria vicenza… ignorante, stiamo dei gruppi industriali. Li sai fare? E allora ascolta me. No, purtroppo ci sono anche le vittime dello spionaggio

  11. I can't delete a file on my computer without being asked if I'm sure I want to delete it but these fuckers have a system that can accidentally send out a doomsday message to 1.5 million people?

  12. A year ago everyone would have been confused. However there wouldn't have been a panic. The ass hole in 1600 Penn moronically poking at the mother moron with nukes made it seem possible.

  13. Yup so we should just sit back and let north Korea develop a nuclear missile, let them kill 1/4 of the people in Hawaii then we will do something. Great logic there. I'm sorry but this was no mistake. Way to many steps in this process besides hitting the wrong button? Y'all will just eat anything up huh?


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