This is a 3d printed version of one of my favorite TV show, I will post the solidworks and STL files and information how to assemble one of this this is just a test run, the base is from a “I-spy Mini Wireless Wifi App-control Spy Tank Rc Car”

for this video contact me at andre(at)basicrobotics.net



  1. "The video contains content from Jukin Media. It is restrictied from playback on certain sites." – are you kidding me?
    These guys used the video and now they claim the right to it? Or did the owner send it to them?

  2. mr meeseeks – im mr meeseeks look at me
    rick- you make a request mr meeseeks open jerrys stupid jar
    mr meeseeks- oh can do!
    rick-he follows the request then he dies
    summer- oh my god he died
    rick- trust me there fine with it just keep it simple there not gods

  3. Okay, I know I'm probably just saying what millions of people have already said, but this is fucking amazing.

    If you told me that there would be a show created by the person who voices Lemongrab with such a huge following that one fan would dedicate a fraction of their time to creating artificial intelligence based on a one-off joke, then I probably would of called both the cops, the hospital and the fire brigade at the same time.

    God bless you, you amazing man.


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