Life Hack: Don’t pay attention to, like, 80% of life hacks. They’re garbage. As are these four pieces of conventional wisdom.

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  1. 1 tiny drop of rain ruined my phone and made me pay $300 for a new one. I tried to put it in rice for 2 whole days. Didn’t help at all

  2. Actually if you drop your phone in water and don’t do anything with it, just submerge it in uncooked rice for 24 hours it actually does work. Saved several phones this way when I was younger.

  3. toothpaste isn't good in long term but in a pinch it does work. its works because it dehydrate that part of your skin so it shrinks the spot if its a big one. wouldn't advise all the time but if you want to cover the spot with makeup for picture day then the less 3d it is the better

  4. ear candles may not work, but they do make your ear feel better when you have an ear infection. the warm pressure is comforting.

  5. The toothpaste things actually does work, but no you don't use a "big old glob". You use the smallest amount you possibly can on the zit itself. You don't spread it all over your face. It can be really drying, so you wouldn't want to use it as a permanent acne solution, but yes, if you have a big event the next day and you have a single blemish, a teeny amount of toothpaste will clear it up significantly by the next day. It won't kill you or destroy your face as long as you don't use too much.

  6. THANK YOU for sharing the thing about the rice. I work in a phone repair shop and literally the only thing putting your phone in rice does is get fucking rice stuck in your headphone jack/speaker port/charge port. If anything, it actually just replaces the water that's already in your phone with starch which is WAY worse for the motherboard because of all the impurities in it.

    Honestly, (and this isn't a shameless plug, lol) the best thing you can do for a water damaged phone is NOT TURN IT ON and bring it to somebody who knows what they're doing as soon as humanly possible. If they open the phone, dry it really well with a clean towel, and leave open under a heat lamp overnight it'll be good as new 99 times out of 100.

    (PS. – An interesting tidbit: If you put your phone in 100% sterilized water it should hypothetically work just fine, even while submerged! It's actually the impurities in normal tap water/salt water, and the added effect of the corrosion of the metal on the motherboard because of the water, that screws up your phone. Not the water itself! :D)

  7. You left out my favorite bullshit hack – opening a banana from the other end. If you pinch the top or the bottom, they open exactly the same.


  9. For that last life hack I always heard putting peroxide in your ears would help remove wax, still not sure if that's true though.

  10. I actually use crest toothpaste mixed with my face soap when I have bad breakouts and it helps clear it up quickly. I let it sit for 1 min only. So maybe it just works for my skin, and crest is the only one that works.

  11. i think the peeing on a jelly fish one was right but for the wrong animal

    urine is used for some animal stings but it may not be jellyfish. can anyone back this up?

  12. I thought this guy was no longer on cracked. I never knew about this candle bogus therapy thing. I was at a point that I thought I already knew all the woo-woo magic alternative/fake medicine thing, even including some high-tech sounding ones, like laser therapies… but apparently there's always more types of snake oil.

  13. Thank you for including narration. Short trivia episodes in the past that were text only really missed an opportunity to showcase the voices of your talented staff. The narrating also provides a tone that the stripped down versions lacked.

  14. I thought toothpaste is supposed to bring zits to a head so you can pop it. At least that's what I was told as a teenager. Never heard it actually gets rid of them

  15. The rice hack does work but not in the way you think. At night the chinese people will be atrected by the rice and will fix your phone!

  16. Rice is a pretty good dessicant. As long as it's in a semi-airtight bag, it should be quite helpful. Silica packets, of course, are much better, though. Also, why "even" loses to kitty litter? Kitty litter is a very good dessicant- even better than rice. This is because it doesn't have to absorb water when cooking, it has to absorb cat piss. Something designed to absorb cat piss should have no problem sucking moisture right out of your phone.

  17. Yeah I saw a commercial about an earwax vacuum that said “no need to use those old removal tricks!” They showed someone lighting a candle in their ear. I had honestly never in my life heard of shoving a lit candle in you ear.
    Like what the hell who thought that would work

  18. Stop lying CRACKED. You did not try any of these methods on yourself. These methods do work, so stop fucking lying. People will unsubscribe if you start lying (like USA)

  19. Vinegar is acid, and white vinegar is very strong acid.
    Definitely do not put that on a jellyfish sting.
    Cold things make them feel better like frozen vegetable packs. Certain stings can be deadly, so there's no substitute for medical treatment.


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