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  1. LOL. I don't think I've seen a PC without Intel or AMD for a very long time. It is kinda too bad the competition dried up. Anyways – yeah, for a legitimate budget build, the disclaimer at 1:22 is actually solid advice. Many office machines actually do have decent specs, they just lack dedicated graphics.

  2. watches this video, sees they say to buy an old dell, literally what I did a month ago. I'll subscribe to this guy

  3. you might as well just game on a raspberry pi 3'

    seriously you guys should test and see what's the most impressive game you can run on RP3

  4. Wоnderful videо! Guys рleаse ratе my hot vidеo on my channel. Whо liкеd this videо, cliсk "liке" *)

  5. You're better off buying a Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit, a gamepad, and loading the little bastard up with an emulator and some ROMs. Seriously, it would cost just as much.

  6. for 120€ where i live i buy ( on second hand website, part by part) this gaming pc

    – intel core 2 quad Q8200 ( 2.33ghz )
    – asus P5N-D motherboard
    – 8go ddr2 ram
    – gigabyte gtx 650 ti 2go
    – 250go hdd sata
    – 400w ps

  7. The biggest question is: why are you visiting the PCMR sub? It's just a really diluted /v/ and we all know how /v/ is.


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