The Boy Scouts of America announced it will begin accepting girls in 2018, marking a dramatic change in the organization and drawing criticism from the Girl Scouts, who will have to compete for members. As VOA’s Kane Farabaugh reports, the changes are a welcome development for those historically connected to the Boy Scouts organization in the hometown of its founder.
Originally published at – https://www.voanews.com/a/accepting-girls-welcome-change-in-boy-scouts-of-america-founders-hometown/4068670.html



  1. The shrinking role of fathers in the lives of their children is a national tragedy. Blacks now have 70% fatherless families. And boys are falling behind girls in every category. Our society pushes for girls and woman to have everything. We never give any concern for empowering or respecting fathers or boys.

  2. The title of this video is farce! This has disgraced a time honored tradition.
    You already have the Girl scouts… So instead of fucking up everyone else's fun… Go make Rainbow scouts.. Or Trans Scouts..
    Leave traditional culture intact.

    You bastards!


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