Franco was a no-show Thursday night at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Many actors spoke out about allegations made against Franco. Suzanne Marques reports.



  1. He's admitted he's bi a long time ago saying he likes MEN that's his preference. That's why all of the sexual abuse accusations are fake money hungry liers. That's what the me too thing is now 99%fake hypocritical elites who endorse rape pedophiles and prostitution are now playing the victim and ruining innocent peoples career and republicans. He's gay idiots

  2. My biggest beef with all these accusations in Hollywood has been the timing of report. Why don’t accusers report about incident hours or even within week that incident happened but it always reported when spotlight is on person so they can ruin that persons career. Sounds like mischievous evils of accusers from remorseful actions that they regretted and a chance for vengeance.


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