Despite what wellness companies say, it’s basically impossible to suck toxins out through your skin.

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Adam Ruins Everything – Why Toxins Are a Myth (Tease) | truTV



  1. Detoxify your minds, disconnect from the culturally sanctioned linguistically reinforced hallucination and eat 5dried grams of mushrooms or if you really want to detoxify your body smoke 80mg of DMT. Then we have something to talk about

  2. This is the first one where Adam does not even suggest a solution… might it be that the sponsors do not want him to teach people how to get rid of toxins ?

  3. Uh, toxins are any element or chemical compound that cause damage to part of your body. In order to do any significant damage, they have to be present in certain amounts, but they do exist, and they can build up. That's how anaphylactic allergies can suddenly appear or worsen at any age. You can suddenly become allergic to peanuts, penicillin, latex, or just about anything else, because the toxins associated with them (proteins that mimic dangerous pathogens and trigger an overreactive autoimmune response) aren't quickly flushed by the body. You get rid of toxins by no longer putting them in your body. And yes, you do sweat them out. Flushing toxins via sweat is basically ineffective compared to flushing them down the toilet, but your pores do release some very basic toxins.

  4. Published yesterday, has only 88,397 views

    Somehow on the trending page!

    I'm pretty sure adam is ruining the trending page too now.

  5. I thought toxins was just a catch all term for things our body expels. Like if i drink lots of water it will help keep my bladder healthy, in comparison to drinking pop or energy drinks

  6. Steams and sauna is good for your skins. It clears out the pores on your skin (just be sure to take cold shower afterwards to close up those pores). And yeah, their main function is not about getting "toxins" out of your body. Sweat is to cool your body temperature. Urine is to remove acess water. Poop is to remove undigested food and byproducts from gut bacteria.

  7. See? Toxins aren't real! That means I can drink bleach and be just fine. In fact, I'm gonna go do that right now. I'll respond to this comment in a few minutes to share my results.

  8. Adam, Toxins aren't a myth. I haven't seen the whole episode yet, but it is important to note that toxins do exist. Bad bacteria produce Endo and exotoxins that can lead to horrible side effects if left untreated by a medical professional.

  9. The ONLY things that detoxify you is your liver kidneys intestine
    .. so that means good old EXERCISE snowflakes
    NO saunas .. granola facials .. cucumber water or cupping

  10. Toxins are chemicals that cause a conformation change in proteins/enzymes that is irreversible. It basically stops the protein’s function for good. But, thanks to the central dogma of biology, our cells will probably make much more of the protein anyway. And yes, these “dead” proteins will be exported out of your body via your ass.

  11. Anti toxins are toxin removers. Also most "toxins" in the body are just waste, your hair and nails are toxins basically. The only real way for toxic material to enter your body is to ingest it (drinking rat poison), or have it put there like getting stabbed with a rusty knife (medical implants rust too).


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