Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer weighs in on President Trump’s vulgar comments about immigrants from Haiti and Africa, discussing how White House press secretary Sarah Sanders should handle the controversy.



  1. Just another diversion. Dick screwed any chances of his precious DACA being passed and he sounded like a 3 year old prattling on the playground.

  2. How many American citizens came from shit hole countries. I wander if Trumps ancestors when they came from Germany that country was a shit hole country except it was a white shit hole country.

  3. The sad thing is that when she finally gets sick of defending his stupidity daily, there is some other brainwashed nut that will be glad to do her job. ?

  4. No, I'd call out Nancy Pelosi 5 White guys remarks calling some political white people the Klan and offensive to all White people..

  5. You know who else improved things for his country , Hitler. He was a complete fascist , a racist sociopath with megalomaniac ideology , under which most notably it committed unjust racially motivated mass incarceration , and execution. I think that I would prefer to suffer a slow economy , a sluggish job market , and a number of other finical hardships for a length of time , and know that my America was not similarly tainted by the same ideology. Even though we too currently have a fascist , racist sociopath with megalomaniac ideology as our leader , does not mean we should sell out the ideals upon which our country was founded for a quick fix and a little more change in our pockets.

  6. The truth is the truth it is a Shithole a cesspool if their countries were so great they would keep their asses there….. we have our own s*** hole areas in the United States also so get over it people…… and we will Build That Wall the reason we have a lot of s*** hole areas in the United States is because the s*** hole people have been coming through without coming through the right way they're bringing their s*** hole laws hear did I say shitholes enough ??it don't matter what the best President in the United States history has to say you naysayers will always find something to dwell on?? get a hobby other than picking on the BEST PRESIDENT in US HISTORY?? and I'm proud to say I voted for him and I will vote for him again go Trump go MAGE????????????????????


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