AG Githu Muigai: Anyone participating in People’s Assemblies will be surcharged.

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  1. NASA shud be stripped it's 'opposition' title. It's just but a county level political group from a small backward town called Bondo.

  2. So you mean brutality killings is constitutional?why dont you talk about it,nyinyi ndio binadam and those being killed are animals?If your constn has no meaning for the poor like me then allow us to be on our own.

  3. Do you read the constitution upside down or from left to right. Uthamaki always uthamaki, the same police is a police service not police force why can't your so called full force of law rest upon these your mungiki in police uniform?
    Raila Odinga is the sovereign choice of the citizens of People's Republic, do whatever you want to do but Raila will be sworn in as the People's president of those counties which do not recognise uhuruto period.

  4. NASA to follow the constitution, JUBILEE, not to follow the constitution and do what they want……… Kwani nini, marriage iiishe BWANA……

  5. Most High bless you AG Githu Muigai for that information, because Witches and Wizards they don't have what it takes to a leader, their thinking is just like boys, for heavens sake.

  6. Shenzi wewe go tell uhuru na iebc yake wafungue server ya 8th .watu wamuwawa na polisi but non of you amecomment about that .leave news suppoters alone we are innocent followers of have.but why kill us whyyyyyyy

  7. Benard Aremo you quotes out that kikuyu bogus kabisa, yet your raila is funded by BOGUS kikuyu Jimmy Wanjigi, also David Ndii who control nasa another bogus Kikuyu, why don't do without bogus Kikuyu you still follow them because you can't do without them hell.

  8. Your oppression is over. Ur domineering is coming to an end. You will not continue oppressing people by misquoting the constitution. We have learnt of revolutions in other countries, we have been dominated for long. Now, it's tym we do the same in Kenya and we r ready. Ur ignorance will come to haunt u. Wait and c.

  9. A warning to all of you who think uthamakis were meant to rule forever, Nebuchadnezzar was a great conqueror but is no more, Alexander the great is no more, Artexexes is no more. Soon, ur Uthamakis will b no more and u will start crying as we are doing. God never sleeps and is always faithful. Kama nimekuudhi kam unipige Niko Kwangu. Every time Kikuyu are assisted to come to power. Whom have u ever assisted instead. Raila campaigned for Kibaki when he was on the brink of death, what did Kibaki do. He stole his victory. It's now Ruto and u have already started talking negative that the deal will be over. We r not tissue papers to be used and dumped. U people have to start reasoning with a functioning brain. It's tym u just have to leave us to express our self determination.


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