What are the odds of getting ten Treasure tokens on the battlefield alongside Revel in Riches to win the game? Let’s find out!

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  1. Since you're already running G, why not have some number of Haze of Pollen?

    It can buy you time to get your pieces together and stabilize, while also offering the ability to cycle it/sideboard it out.

  2. Looks like a deck that could be refined to be something decent if played correctly. Revel in Riches as on Marionette Master that enchant removals are pretty rare nowaday. Plus anyone would feel bad spending a card to remove a Revel.

  3. Seems like this deck would be much better if you cut Vraska in favor of Marionette Master… You'd be cutting an entire color from your mana base, and be gaining a tool that could potentially win the turn you play it. Plus he's cheaper.

  4. On 19:43 you could have killed the Marionette Master with Essence Extraction with the trigger on the stack. You had, like, a bazillion Treasure Tokens for mana.

  5. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who had this idea when I saw Revel! So much fun. Have won in EDH when a Nath player "went off" and destroyed me down yo 9 treasures.
    My turn "in response to upkeep trigger….sac ruthless knave..11 treasures I win?"

  6. One suggestion would be cut revel to 2 maybe 1 u got better threat density that way and u could run more black sources that way to


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