Republican women are divided on Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race following sexual abuse allegations against Moore.



  1. I gave up on Alabamians when I saw a sign on church title "Jesus Christ was Falsely Accused,Vote Roy Moore."

  2. PAPER: ‘Inside the Secretive Nerve Center of Mueller’s Investigation’


    New, intimate details about Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election have come to light following Michael Flynn’s guilty plea for making false statements to the FBI. 

    Despite many lamenting about how long the investigation has rolled on for, one witnessed interviewed by Team Mueller reveals the special counsel’s office likely has no evidence of collusion between Trump officials and Russia — meaning the probe isn’t ending anytime soon.

    “When they were questioning me, it seemed like they were still trying to get a feel of the basic landscape of the place,” said one witness who was questioned in late October for several hours and, like others, requested anonymity to describe the confidential sessions. “I didn’t get the sense they had anything incriminating on the president. Nor were they anywhere close to done.”

    Investigators are particularly interested with two things; The nature of Jared Kushner’s communication with foreign governments and President Trump’s thought process in firing former FBI Director James Comey.

    Mueller’s group has also inquired whether Flynn recommended specific foreign meetings to senior aides, including Kushner. Investigators were particularly interested in how certain foreign officials got on Kushner’s calendar and the discussions that Flynn and Kushner had about those encounters, according to people familiar with the questions. […] The volume of questions about Kushner in their interviews surprised some witnesses. “I remember specifically being asked about Jared a number of times,” said one witness

  3. Why doesn't CNN mention that the accuser won't submit her evidence for verification? Maybe that is why there are doubts in many peoples minds about the validity of these charges. And CNN is known for their slanted news.

  4. Cnn is fake news.
    Alabama – the nation's political playground.
    Roy Moore is a creepy asshole.
    Doug Jones is just as creepy.
    Alabama voters are routinely fucked over by two fakeassed political parties to the detriment of the voter and the state.
    Perhaps the revolution should begin here.

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  6. Pedos of America, seems like Alabama is a great place for you to move to, as long you are a conservative religious Republican pedo. Congrats

  7. this woman 2:19 if they are true then there are bigger priorities to attend to?????
    wow so half of ALABAMA is COMPLICIT TO RAPIST no wonder TRUMP became the president they accepted even his horrible acts of sexual harassment if this was anyone else they would throw him in jail but instead this is trump so they are complicit and condone this for greed and power! Just how the heck do expect the male gender to give women their due of respect back when you can't even have the leg to stand up against the power that holds you down and defines you as WOMEN! SHAME on those who would support ROY MOORE
    it means you condone those TRUTHS he has done to those poor women and you don't care that it could have happened to your own children or family members
    shame on you all!
    Your not human it's just not possible to accept that now after seeing this footage 2:22

  8. The voting will be done by secret ballot, so Republican women can vote however they wish and without their husbands' permission — if they can get out of the home and to a voting station. We will all see if white supremacy issues outweigh child safety issues for Alabama voters.

  9. They'd rather have a child molester representing Alabama than a Democrat. What is wrong with these people? The GOP will forever be the party that supports child molesters

  10. That's what I don't understand. The man has run for office 4 to 6 times before. These allegations and never come up? All of these women are the type of women who couldn't say anything at first and have to wait all this time? I'm not a room or supporter but this doesn't seem right.

  11. Alabama stands with Moore but nice job on hiding the comments of Moore supporters! It won't work Moore will win!

  12. Amerikkkas worst kind of trash. They'd support a gun waving pedophile over a decent human being because of "cult like" party loyalty. How low will they go?

  13. I disagree with Ivanka's quote. We are in the present and let's deal with the current situation. Why is she talking about "hell"? She is indirectly supporting Moore.

  14. Some Republicans have decency then you have those whom are willing to go with a child rapist than to go with decency. I wonder how they are going to stand before god in the end when you choose evilness over godliness. Some Republicans have now chosen their fate, They have chosen man before god. Some of these so called christians and Evangelical Christian have chosen man before god. How can you call yourself a christian and continue to hate. And do wrong. We are all God's children regardless of what race we are or what religion we are or wether someone is homosexual or bi-sexual, Or straight gay. It's not you whom will judge that person but god as he will judge you. My bible reads. He that loves my children loves me and he that loves me loves him that sent me. It also reads Judge not others for ye shall be judged also. BROTHERS AND SISTERS. I am not judging ROY MOORE but by god standard this man is wrong and in his heart he knows what he did and what he stands for is wrong. And in the end some of you will end up in the same place with him and some other republicans and some democrats and Donald Trump in hell.

  15. Fucking pathetic women. They're supporting a child molester because they're cowards. They're the type of women who do everything their man tells them to do because they're fucking degenerates. Destined to a life of cooking and cleaning because they think that's what a woman should do. Sad.


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