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Music video by All That Remains performing The Thunder Rolls. (C) 2017 New Razor & Tie Enterprises LLC d/b/a Razor & Tie Recordings. Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.




  1. Kinda makes me never wanna listen to all that remains every again. Fucking hate country. Makes me wanna go shoot someone's dog, and steal their girl.

  2. All you haters need to just sit down. Garth brooks would never just let anyone remake his music . This was absolutely awesome!!!! I'm def a fan of country and rock and this made my skin crawl . Love it . Love you guys . This rocked !!!

  3. As a fan of this song and also a fan of heavy music I was really expecting something different. this is not a bad version of the song it's just something that I did not expect I was really looking forward, when I found out about this song to listening to it and was a little disappointed I'm sure that a lot of people enjoy this version of the song Especially people who are fans of this band and also people that like The Thunder Rolls. Unfortunately for me I'm not as happy with what it could have been

  4. I love how the song gives that dark scary eerie look to it!!!!! Don't get me wrong i love Garth brooks version of this song but this was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is the second time i have heard this song in the rock/metal genre, and quite honestly Dead Season did it better with all three verses.

  6. I feel like this would have been better if they would have covered the extended version with the 3rd verse especially if you are going to use female vocals.

    3rd verse:
    She runs back down the hallway
    To the bedroom door
    She reaches for the pistol
    Kept in the dresser drawer
    Tells the lady in the mirror
    He won't do this again
    Cause tonight will be the last time
    She'll wonder where he's been

  7. They need to roll on out of the music scene until they get back to there roots. This is garbage compared to what they used to be.

  8. Including the extended verse would have thematically and musically been awesome and would have closed the song out better.

  9. The vocals were spot on, the guitar was decent, solos were awesome, drums were board, cinematography was very well done, editing was awesome even if it was simple, overall it's good.

  10. I have no problem with the female vocal, but the lead singers vocal effect sucks, do yourself a favor and ditch this muffled singing into a 50 gallon metal drum effect on your voice and sing the whole song, don't leave out the best part……

  11. This was one of my favorite songs as a kid and I was pretty unsure about how good this was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised. I do wish that they had gone with the long version of the song instead of just having a really long fade out at the end.

  12. Не цепляет…. Нет своей фишки. Слишком много эффектов. Эффекты задвинули музыкантов. Перемудрено изрядно.

  13. Don't like it already… This should only be a country song… A Garth Brooks song… Sorry not sorry for speaking my mind

  14. This song does to Garth Brooks, what Garth Brooks used to do to Billy Joel.  Plus, if a hard rock/metal band is going to cover this song, why the hell did they not include the third verse?


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