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  1. Dude! Caught you on the coverage. Surprised my dad knowing stuff about men's gymnastics. It's all down to you! I know the scoring system and also how far you've come! Didn't know that 3 months ago and it's all down to you!!

  2. We could hear your dad yelling "Nile". every time you competed all the way back to the  USA. lol.    We could hear him yelling "Nile" in the back ground of other gymnasts in the go.  
    You must be one man-of-steal, coming from the back of the pack to the top 8.  Congrats.

  3. Amazing as always❤❤Keep working hard and doing what you love. I have a GREAT IDEA to tell you, my twitter is @peque2111 in case you want to contact me!

  4. Amazing. Watched your progress this year & has been amazing, down to hard work, drive, and commitment. Great example 🙂

  5. Nile can you help tell me what to do iam 13 years old and 10 stone and hardley do exercise because i have no will power i used to do gymnastics and almost had a six pack when i was 10 but then i quit because i was getting bullied and put on so much weight but i have a illness that makes me want to eat more but i try resist but you have inspired me to try lose weight i love gymnastics and want to do it again what exercises could i do that arnt to hard for me to start of with but get me going to loose weight if you get this message pls reply me on this email [email protected]icloud.com

  6. So happy for you Nile, just found out your channel today! It feels strange to see all these talented people reunited in my hometown but at the same time it's great!
    Congrats again for both the finals and how you pushed through this year~

  7. I've been a fan for a long time and it makes me feel so good to see you succeed and be so proud of yourself!

    Edit: Wow, that was really cheesy

  8. Cracking comeback after the injury, mate. Was rooting for you and delighted to see you made the world championships. Looking forward to see much more of your journey, Nile.

  9. Another absolute phenom vlog! I literally cannot get through a Nile vlog without a giant grin on my face. Him and his friends/family just bring so much joy to everyone.

  10. I won National for Taekwondo and I’m in Kang’s Taekwondo. Now I’m National champion,but I can’t go to world because I’m not old enough. I’m only 8 and I’m supposed to be 12!


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