So… Gave my Dad my GoPro whereas he was in Las Vegas, I didn’t, nonetheless, instruct him on tips on how to use it, so my dad being my dad, and a culchie, did not know which approach to level the fucking factor…

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  1. menudo soplapollas. No se equivoca, se quiere grabar a él mismo. Sinó, para que utiliza el palo-selfie? No se si es más retrasado él por hacer esa mierda de vídeos o vosotros por pensar que lo hacía sin querer…Madre mía.

  2. jjajajaajajajaaaa!!! Beautiful!! I enjoyed too much!! Oh!! My stomach!!!! Crying…. crying…. jajaaaa!!!

  3. Ah stop lads ?? Imagine the moment his son told him what he had done! Go raibh mhaith agat for a fucking good laugh ?

  4. Ainda bem que na hora de te fazer ele estava com o pênis virado pro lado certo, ou você não estaria aqui postando esse vídeo. ?????

  5. How will I ever be able to go on with my life when this is over, without this man's puppy dog eyes staring back at me from inside such perfectly framed frames?
    Look at him, so trusting, so full of hope.

  6. Its honestly kinda touching bro, how he is trying so hardly to catch the best shots for u actually and he is filming himself. U know, thats the kind of the video that once u will watch it with the smile and tears on ur face. Great family memories….just beautiful 🙂

  7. hahaha this is great! you have an amazing father trying to share the best moments/views with you:) it's amazing <3

  8. So funny, really glad Vegas got him back there to do it all again though, I want to go back myself, loved it

  9. I think this has been done on purpose to get a video to go viral and get attention.Why else would you have a selfie stick extended so far out in front of you if you are not recording yourself.

    I call FAKE !


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