Anderson Cooper reflects on his relationship with Haiti and its people on the eight year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that hit the country following President Trump’s comment calling Haiti a “shithole.”



  1. Anderson Cooper – You and much of the US Media do more good in your 2.32minute segment like this in resetting the rest of the worlds faith in the USA than Trump could ever have done in his disaster of a Presidential term ever. Power to you AC and power to Haiti..!

  2. leftist policy is about projecting guilt issues against their 'threats' and political opponents, pawning fairness fallacies and trying to 'shame' others by language their corrupt dnc media 'controls'. they have been getting away with crying racist and sabotaging with 'tolerance' for so long they dont even know how to handle communication they are unable to coach pollute or pervert. just imagine if the shithole called cnn had reported actual news the last 8 years instead of deluded leftist legacy propaganda. lol.

  3. Haiti sucks.
    You can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig.
    You even said Anderson your friend went back to Haiti to make a change and got killed.
    Sounds exactly like a shithole. That's what happens in shitholes.

  4. Haitians have taken refuge in Mexico, I have personally helped them find jobs with friends and family in my home town if Tijuana. They are indifferent about Trump, don't go left or right about him, but they sure hate the Clintons with a passion. They are very vocal about the way money from around the world didn't really make it to the Haitian people but instead ended up benefiting the Clintons and their friends. I've heard it first hand from them, I'm not political, but I see their sincerity in their eyes when they share this. I also helped in Haiti during the earthquake, it was horrible, still is. I'm proud to know these strong people and to share my home town with them.

  5. Trump was right. We don’t need more immigrants from dumpster countries. The regressive leftwing media has turned into something very disgusting. I can no longer watch CNN with its professional outrage peddling.

  6. Mr. Cooper, as a Haitian immigrant, I have served in both the US.Marines and the United States Army, and eventually retired. Fought just as my ancestors did for this country so many years ago.

  7. Let us compare two countries, side by side in the Caribbean – Haiti and Caymans.
    One country a cesspool, the other a paradise.
    Why the massive difference ?
    One country is populated by glorious whites, the other populated by the negro.

  8. You can't just ignore the fact anymore that this country elected a hate spewing racist as payback for the first black president. Isn't this exactly what we see happen time and again? The slaves are freed so the Klan is formed and start lynching. Blacks get the right to vote, so Jim Crow is enacted, Civil rights are granted then all these Confederate monuments go up…and on and on it goes. This is why Chump was elected, so lets stop kidding ourselves or using code words for it…i.e. MAGA! But as history has also shown time and again, it doesn't matter how much you hate or try to stop progress you NEVER can, you NEVER will. And you sure as hell can NEVER turn it back!

  9. A very heart felt message from @CNN 's @AndersonCooper about #Haiti. Anderson, i admire and respect your professionalism and for speaking up to the racial slur that @realDonaldTrump said today about Haiti and African countries.

  10. Um, it IS a shithole. They feed their kids cookies that are literally made of dirt. Maybe if you took a minute from your elitist masturbation session to look at what the Clintons did to Haiti instead of Trump telling the truth about the place, you might be a better respected news outlet. But this isn't about Trump or Haiti. This is Cooper virtue signaling and nothing else.

  11. STFU Anderson. You worthless lying CNN socialist bitch propagandist. You serve no purpose but to antagonize common sense and rebel against reality.

  12. trump in a moronic guy. He cannot understand people difficulties. He will be a one term president. He is a deception for Americans. He is the most retarded, stupid president that ever works in the WH. Haitians are "bayakou?" What? This stupid doesn't know Haitians at all. I hate the evangelical people love him and put in the WH. They said that trump is God's choice. Yes , he is really God's choice.

  13. Speaking of the Haiti earthquake reminds me of the Clinton Foundation and their humanitarian efforts to give needed assist to that nation and how well that worked out for the Haitian people.

  14. We stand with you all who our inhumane and careless business man had to say. We care and love you all. Everything coming out of Washington DC is what our system has to say, not the people of the nation. Stand strong as you always have and we will get this mess delt with, A'ho

  15. Where the fuck were you Cooper when the Clintons ripped off billions from Haiti and steal their children for the pedo's. STFU you asshole scumbag.


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