AngryJoe Rants on the extremely awful Loot Crates and Multiplayer Progression in the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta and worries about the Final Release and the future for Multiplayer Triple AAA Gaming.

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  1. they are giving away free dlc for battlefront. what did u expect??? they got to make thier money back somehow black ops 3 dlc isnt free thats why its not as bad

  2. They Just took the Gears of War 4 micro-transaction system and pasted it in the game. 600 to craft something decent 2400 for a legendary. Lol games are turning to shit now. LAME

  3. I'm going to try my best to make this unpopular OPINION of mine as concise and to the point as possible.

    Now that EA has stopped its premium/season pass marketing strategy and decided to give us a $60 game with possibly game unbalancing micro transactions, is it a PAY TO WIN game? To me, it is not. How I look at this is that for the people who have the money to spend buying loot crates, then do so. The only thing a player can get by spending real money is just a CHANCE OF WINNING THE DAMN RNG, which is not pay to win. The RNG factor is still there for the people who pays, so even if they spend money they might not be lucky enough to win the things they want whereas people who grind to get the crates might have already won them.

    For me, Pay to win is when you can spend money to ACTUALLY BUY the items.

    What EA did here is to not split the community with a paid pass and also not to LOCK the additional contents behind a paid pass, which to me is already good enough because this means that everybody has access to all its contents, and depending on a player's luck in gambling the loot.

    Comparatively, if you look at their marketing strategy for Battlefield games, they split the community AND LOCK the contents behind a paid pass and to me that's even more like a pay to win game than this Battlefront. In Battlefield, some of the DLC guns are significantly better (especially in BF1). The DLC tanks are also much better. These DLC contents give paid players considerable amount of advantage over those without the pass. THE WORST THING about this is that, players without the pass can never be able to get the stronger DLC contents whatsoever unless they pay for the pass or DLC.

    In Battlefront 2, none of the contents are behind paid pass and so even if a player is out-equipped due to the other player wearing stronger cards, it wouldn't be long for that player to get the card and compete on even grounds.

    Also, the grinding aspect should never be a problem in games (if you truly love the game) because why would anyone complain about getting to play more of a game that they love? This really puzzles me.

  4. Games should be forced to have a rating of A for adult in order to have these supply drops. It's bad for games that are cosmetic like overwatch, but it would make developers think twice about making what this mess of a game has brought us.

  5. Star Wars use to be a great franchise before the Disney take over. Like if pumping out shitty new movies wasn't bad enough, they close down lucasarts and of course pick one of the greediest companies (EA) to publish their games, because obviously that's were the money is at. I never thought I would find myself hating this franchise as much as I do now.

  6. I was actually considering buying this game (unlike the first Battlefront), but I'm once again repulsed from the idea.

  7. I just don't understand. The ultimate goal of a corporation is to make as much money as possible, so why does EA make stupid decisions that'll piss off their consumers? Did they really think they could slap a campaign mode onto a free-to-play game, charge full retail price for it, and get off scot-free? Holy shit. Whoever came up with the idea of making a $60 game pay-to-win needs to be fired, ASAP.

  8. After watching this video, I think it’s safe to say that people can stop bitching about loot systems in other games now. Especially CoD (which now is completely fair).

  9. If that’s the case, which I hope not because this is a beta and could be subject to change. That would be the dumbest decision ever made by EA, I know dice is having their hand forced by those greedy corporate fucks. EA has to make up for the plain Jane battlefront we got. If they choose to go this route for progression in a 60 dollar game, they will sure lose my support and the support of many others. I haven’t preordered this game and won’t, and I will for sure cancel my EA access and do my best to avoid any game published EA if they pull this fuckery

  10. Anyone who supports this needs to take a long hard think about what ea are doing.
    If this goes through most if not all games will do it.
    Dont buy the game….iam definately not buying battlefront 2!

  11. The obvious thing to do is not buy any game with these mechanics, it's simple. I don't buy them and I don't feel like I'm missing that much as I already have games that I can play without this bullshit.


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