Jonathan Hunt reviews from Los Angeles



  1. Berkeley has been a nest of socialist vipers ever since Reagan was governor. Of course, Reagan called in the national guard and chewed out the authorities at Berkeley, "You're the adults in charge, you should know better." Now we have this clown in charge who looks like the fascist version of Doc Brown, and used a light socket as a hair brush. Coulter is one brave cougar.

  2. They can't control college kids? Arrest them. Give them 2 months in prison, a 10K fine then expel them from college w/ all tuition forfeited.

  3. She is absolutely right not to let these weasels off the hook.  Make them shut her down on the originally scheduled date.  Btw, which one of the Muppets was that speaking on behalf of Berkeley?

  4. Berkley is only in danger from within. it is the administrators and teachers that have preached hate and intolerance to these students to the point where they have been brainwashed.

  5. Let Ann spit her poison!!
    she may suffer brain damage if she swallows her on venom!!
    she's got to spit it out! venom constipation could be fatal!!!
    Love this snake. good thing she has no descendents!!!!!!!
    Love her books!!!!

  6. see here's the problem if Herman Cain would go there there would be none of this he's and conservative but he's not a dumbass racist piece of shit like Ann Coulter is or that Milo piece of shit there are a lot of conservative Republicans that can speak at Berkeley so the college doesn't want racist idiot speaking at their school they have every right

  7. Good for Ann she's a great women who doesn't backdown these liberal fàggots need to be put in there place democrat subhumans hate God that's why they act like animals so you should treat them as such

  8. follow the fucking law an arrest these assholes!!!! being in college doesnt mean ANYTHING, your not above the law..no matter what your "safe space" coach tells you

  9. FOX NEWS scandals are not going away, until FOX NEWS reports on it. It's FOX NEWS fault that it is not going away. The sad thing is ever reporter at FOX NEWS knew about it, if not what kind of journalist are they ? They need a good journalist.


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