Former White House Communications Director takes questions LIVE on Facebook following unique interview on ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos’

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  1. The man suffered probably the greatest humiliation and personal embarrassment in his life; he can't be anything but humble after being reduced to almost absolutely nothing. Having his wife divorce him followed by Trump firing him after a record breaking 10 days in office… Tough luck, but unfortunately he only has himself to blame.

    The Mooch is the biggest joke in Washington right now, and he's trying very hard to salvage his reputation. He should serve as a warning for anyone willing to be a staffer on probably the worst presidential term in history.

  2. This is what happens when you staff the federal government with a bunch people who know nothing about politics, or political governing. So question. Which is better? A government filled with knowledgeable, experienced bureaucrats who move slowly, and sometimes nefariously/dishonestly, but who eventually get some useful things done, or a government filled with imbeciles who cause nothing but chaos/damage and get nothing done?

  3. This seems a guy with whom one can have a REASONED DISCUSSION. He was educated in BA and law, not economics (beyond econometrics e.g. macroeconomics, political economy, economic sociology), political science or morals, hence why I would argue his economic convictions contradict very basic social and economic FACTS. But it would be nonetheless interesting to debate this man as opposed to trump, pence, w bush, perry, palin, bachmann, limbaugh, hannity, kochs, adelson, etc, etc.

  4. How can you have run a hedge fund and have worked as a TV commentator and not realize that when you speak to a journalist, everything is ON THE RECORD unless you specifically say OFF THE RECORD? also, NY is a 1-party consent state, so he had every right to record you to ensure accuracy. #BagOfDouche

  5. Anthony Scaramucci is working very hard to RESET public opinion about himself after a huge embarrassment and personal humiliation. He appears so much less pompous, and is almost humble, in this conversation with George Stephanopoulos. That's what going to make him so much more a formidable communicator from now on.

  6. Trump is a racist, a sexist and an idiot. He has no moral authority, he doesn't represent a large portion of U.S. citizens.

  7. Big A Agree completely! If THIS guy was the one who showed up for work and he had of A. kept his mouth shut or B. Made absolutely sure his polemic against Preibus and Bannon et al. with Ryan Lizza WAS off the record he might still be employed and could have actually made a difference for the Trump Admin. (Which is a hot mess to say the least….although Kelly seems to making a bit of a difference…but still very early!)


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