Americans held rallies throughout the US denouncing racism yesterday in solidarity with the victims of a automobile ramming in Charlottesville.



  1. I hope everyone knows that the word "racist" was coined by Lenin the jew to put down anyone who was against communism, and communism killed over 100-million in the 20th century. Now let that sink in.

  2. So I'm guessing it's basically a anti Arab rally.
    Arab leadership both Religious and political are the biggest racist in our times.
    Their racism is enshrined in their constitution.

  3. There's so much division now in the States. Left wing vs right wing, SJWs vs I-don't-know-what-to-call-the-other-side, older generation vs Millenials. Either this has always been a thing even before the election ended and it's only getting attention now because…reasons, or it's become a thing now. If it's the latter, we're all screwed.

  4. Thats stupid. By going in streets and saying things that are prejudist against one side…. It only starts the other to do retalliate back. Stay in your homes. Do you really want this to grow and become a police state?? If this gets bigger…. Martial Law will go in effect. And exactly what your fears of control and government having too much power over you…. Is exactly what will happen.

    Use wisdom.

    There is no need for this.

  5. There isn't widespread racism – this is a lie put forth by a handful of paid organized criminals, stirring up trouble, just like they've done in other other nations to create chaos, divide & conquer.

  6. I guess you people can't see that it's the left stirring up all this bullshit…I just don't see it…you people are paid to cause civil unrest..careful what you wish for…

  7. This is silly…. In an effort for freedom…. You are going to bring in Martial Law against yourselves…. And lose allllll your rights. This will become a Communist nation….. If the people do not settle down. Communists believe…. That extreme order… Comes out of disorder and things being out of control……

    So keep feeding into the agenda.

    Please. Pray. And stop.

    Pray for one another. Jesus said love your enemies.


  8. If they white group had just been allowed to peacefully hold their rally none of this ever would have happened. If you take someones right to speak out away all they are left with is violence.

  9. A just and noble cause poisoned by the likes of Antifa and by some of the more radical followers of blm. What a shame this is what it comes to. Both the left (Antifa) and the right (KKK and white nationalists) were I. The wrong and not a single side will admit it.

  10. KKK, new nazis, white Supremacists should go to jail
    Trump is guilty because he created this environment of hatred and bigotry

  11. We are so blessed in this nation…. Not perfect. But what do you want? Do you want all your freedoms taken, for the demanding of more?????

    New Jersey , NY, Cali…. Idk all the states well…. But i have not seen real racism
    Ever. Let this go….

    Before you demand for more…. And get way more than u bargained for… And can never go back to the beautiful peaceful days.

    Love DOES NOT come from war or disorder. You only get more war and disorder….. Until people humble themselves and pray. And see their own silliness…. We need God. And not to buy into the hype. Dont protest…. If u love this country…. And want peace to remain. PLEASE.

    I beg you

  12. No one started talking about racism til you got up there lol. Like. If they all went home and watched tv. They could still roam freely. It's just funny. Like. They need to stop complaining. Im mexican and brown. More conservative than my parents. Just suck it up people. Your not getting hang for being black or brown

  13. I'm racist to white people I'm 58 present afganastan but whites say we African American whites u came from black people because the African start moving to the north and the whites man in the world came from a black person I'm rich and I'm only 2 percent African but look at my skin I'm black and proud sing it loud

  14. Many people get turned away from hospitals and die everyday. I'm thankful that people are standing up for the woman who lost her life. Many more people don't have anyone standing up for them in our capitalist health care system. Just saying, its messed up.

  15. Leave protesters of both sides alone, the first amendment is a sacred right that should never be taken away no matter how offensive their words

  16. Honestly I don't understand why people don't like multiculturalism.

    Isn't right for ALL people to be represented, and not by these "true Americans".

  17. Dear minorities,

    You really, really, really DONT want a race war in the US.

    Quit pretending like you'd have a chance.


  18. This has to be costing George Soros major bucks !!!…These people don't work for nothing, he's not a slave owner !!!

  19. There's was a racism problem back when the country was formed. However after the Civil War ended the amount of racism lowered and kept lowering over time. Up to this point there are still racist people who can't move on or realize in their head that everyone is human. Theres not a racism problem today, but there still is racist people.

  20. No black people living today are affected by what happened in the past with slavery. They have the same opportunity with jobs. They have a better chance at going to college because they have to accept a certain amount of blacks. Plus they get more federal aid. I'm Irish. My people were slaves when they came over. I don't riot or cry. My people weren't considered to even be white until the 1950s. So stop reaching like y'all deserve something.


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