Hospital officers say 19 are injured after incident



  1. A strong divid remains in the United States. Trumps America is toxic when a hypocrite condems behavior he has help build and promote. With highlight to his glorious display of hatred shown in his presidential campaign.

  2. I enjoy fools do foolish things and have some popcorn, don't get involved in politics and you to can enjoy a happy life

  3. Left Wing Logic: I'm going to ignore the fact that we burn cars, vandalize shops, trash the streets, and hit people for no reason ever since Donald Trump was elected. However, the Right are the most bigoted, fascist, racist, and violent group there is according to this ONE move from this driver!

  4. Waiting for Fox to call the Driver a "terrorist"…
    OH WAIT! He's white so I guess when a white nationalist does it it is NOT a TERRORIST attack…

  5. 2017: With all the problems in the world. The sixth seal is broken on the 21st. Revelations 6:12 God is setting the world for the return of Christ.


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