1. Must be nice to have more money than you know what to do with and NEVER PAY TAXES! (no secret that Apple owes billions in taxes.) I could build a big house if I just refused to pay taxes too. Apple is happy to use the city roads, lights and sewers, police and whatever else that is paid for by our tax dollars and then they build that monstrosity and say 'F' you to the masses that struggle to pay the bills each week and their share of taxes to pay the salaries for teachers, soldiers, police, etc. But Apple is just soooo important they can refuse to pay taxes because they do not want to… seriously?

  2. Help the world solve fresh water issues, help fix the environment, help the poor within the United States… or be Apple and give the big middle finger to the world, build a multi hundred billion dollar campus for your rich executives and continue to get every dime that you can due to tax breaks (moving outside the United States). This is what Apple does with their money they've earned from their overpriced hardware. Thanks Apple! At least you've allowed me to see this campus with a drone. If I approached it on foot, I'd be shot by one of your security guards.

  3. This is the gigantonormic toilett seat for the shit that is coming out of Tim Cock's ass and that he tries to sell to us.

  4. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming, friends! Repent of your sins and put your faith in Him!

    He loves you, friends. He is not angry at you, so please do NOT listen to the lies of the enemy. Jesus died so that you may live! This alone should give you an understanding that He would rather die instead of you. The devil will try to stop you from believing in this truth.

    This world is due for judgement, and Jesus is the Only Way out of it since He took our punishment upon Himself. So please, if you do not know The Lord Jesus and have not accepted His FREE Invitation, do so today. Call upon Him in truth, and you will be saved. Don't be scared to approach Him, He promises to never drive anyone away. So don't let your shame and guilt keep you from seeking Jesus, He is the Only Way to remove shame, guilt and sin!

    Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so make this life changing decision today. To die without Jesus is very dangerous.

    Shalom, friends. 🙂

  5. Do you get permission from Apple to film or do you do it for fun? Cool video though. Also, where did you get the music from? I might want to use it in one of my vlogs if possible.


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