Donald Trump ignores questions from reporters after signing a Martin Luther King Jr Day proclamation, amid reports he called a number of African countries ‘shitholes’ during a meeting earlier in the week. Journalists call out to the US president as he leaves the room, asking ‘Are you a racist?’ and ‘Will you give an apology?’



  1. These reporters should move to those countries. Oh wait… they can't journalist are killed there for talking back too power. The president should have more tact however.

  2. Ahahahaa what a player quickly just for people not to call him racist he put all those black and Latino people around himself and he have no shame at all he's so Fake just like fox news.

  3. look at these dumb n*gg*s! cooning like no other. this dude dont give a sh** about yall. don't worry i can say that, i'm black.

  4. this is extremely disrespectful to Dr. Kings memory. This event was planned and scheduled to honor what Dr. Martin Luther King worked for. Any questions unrelated to the event should have been saved for later.

  5. There’s only two racist people in the world White & Black Supremacies & they Both live in the United States ? we Africans,Hispanics,Asians are just minding our business just like these ppl here wearing suits.


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