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Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Argument

Solipsism and the Problem of Other Minds

Solipsism and the Problem of Other Minds

Age of Empires 2 footage:

Civ 6 Footage:

Elon Musk on Simulation Theory:

Neil deGrasse Tyson:

Interesting TED talk:

Building Imaginary Worlds:


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  1. Does a mirror apply to this? I'm looking through a mirror in front of me that is displaying what is behind me. Can someone answer me with a hypothesis?

  2. What if all the people that disappeared around the globe they have experienced the fault, glitch of the world we are living in? They got removed. Like a bug inside a game

  3. If all those assumptions come from our computer technology, then they are all flawed. Our progress in videogames is about the amount of details we can cram together, but the principle ruling games is always the same, a bunch of If blocks and loops. It's not so different than a mechanical machine. You input the conditions and the machine output a correspondent effect based on its construction. That's the principle of games, but it's also the principle of an oven. If the simulation hypothesis is akin to my stove, than it's not really interesting. We should be presenting refutations to it instead of building hype that is borderline mystical. It's counter-scientific to promote ideas just because they sound cool. In a weak sense, they sound like fantasy fiction. In the strong sense, they sound like superstition, it's betting on something despite lack of evidence supporting and even evidence against it.

  4. Personally i find it hard to believe someone would ever have the type of imagination to come up with an idea for creating a creature that thinks & acts like me, no matter what type of drugs they're on, so i think at most i would only be my own simulation.
    But then again i do live in a country that recently had a Presidential Election where the 2 main choices were a failed reality TV star with no political experience at all & an actual politician who was even married to a former President who served 2 full terms & they chose the reality TV star, so what do i know?

  5. It's amazing how so many otherwise smart people are taking this idea seriously. It fails so many basic fallacy tests it's not even worth entertaining.

  6. if we never find aliens we are probably in a simulation ……..because maybe our world is a type of simulation where only human exist ……..

  7. Nothing matters in the end . In the end death aka non existence aka unawareness overwhelms all knowledge . No one returns wether real or simulated . Death programmed or not is the definitive end . So as Hillary said infamously , " what's the difference".


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