Assassin’s Creed Origins sport director Ash Ismail walks us by each side of the model new fight system.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: 18 Minutes of New Mission Gameplay (Xbox One X in 4K) – IGN First

Assassin’s Creed Origins Gameplay Demo – IGN Live: E3 2017

27 Minutes of Assassin’s Creed Origins Gameplay – E3 2017

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Xbox One X Combat & Quest Exploration Gameplay in 4K – E3 2017

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  1. sa laire bon mais jespere que les combat seront pas trop long ni compliquer car sa serais conpletement stupide pour un assassins creed

  2. What made me fall in love with AC (and I'm sure what every fan fell in love with) was the story. AC Revelations ended, Desmond died and the best thing about AC died with him. Every year since then I looked forward to the present day storyline that connected with the ancient day storyline, but they ripped it out for some reason. I don't even think Syndicate had a present day lol idk I barely played it.

    It's funny (and Idk why) but every time I was playing as Desmond in the present day I wanted to return back to Ezio and play in Rome.. and then I'd miss Desmond and wonder what he was up too. I'm realizing now that the parallel storyline had me playing the game nonstop for days until I beat it. The only reason I took breaks was because I didn't want to finish the game like I don't want to finish a good book.

    If this game doesn't have a good present day mixed with ancient day storyline and gameplay, then cut the funding.. use that money to make a gta/pirate game franchise following Black Flag.

  3. The combat system looks interesting however something I hated about chronicles and by the looks of it this game too is the super fast 'whip' animation when you strike, it's too fast! It looks clunky and it's hard to keep up with. I want to savour the attack animation. – brotherhood was perfect for this. Also how is it acceptable in this day and age to have spear attacks that connect half way down the spear and move through the enemy as if he's a ghost?? ?

  4. It's like people want this game to be bad why? don't you want a game to be good?. it's good to be sceptical about games, see the stuff you don't like give feedback so devs can make the game better. but all i see is "this game gonna be trash","this is not AC" and "i want old AC combat" i don't understand why. i hope all games are good because i'm the one playing them.

  5. This game looks so good. But I'm so scared that it's going to hurt me. Because the last time I was this hyped for a new AC game (AC Unity), my dreams got shat on, and my passionate love for the series became a fear of abuse.

  6. There is a lot of immersion-spoiling HUD information noise in the footage for Origins. I hope that it can be heavily toned-down. In particular, I don't want to see damage points appearing on the screen during, or that bar at the middle-bottom of the screen.

  7. I love how hyped he is about this! It shows that he cares a lot about his game. You can literally see the effort they put in even if they didn't explain it. That's exactly why I love the Assassins Creed series! <3

  8. will there be like a no aim button, like when youre fighting an enemy, you don't have time to aim your bow, could you use a button to automaticly shoot your bow, like in syndicate you press triangle/Y while using a tool

  9. I like how he said this new system "respects" AC even though all they're doing is turning AC in to a generic action game.

  10. Every year people get excited for these games and every year it is the same glitchy poorly optimized garbage.Not to mention the game still has the same climbing animations as the first game!No thanks Ubisoft!!!!

  11. I want to know if there will be a pvp arena for one on one fights.

    I really want some good pvp in ac because in all the other games it has been lackluster and just outright bad.

    I hope this game is good and it's not just a money dump like some of the previous games.

  12. Honestly this game is sounding very promising but I only have one problem… the arrow that you can move mid air… I don't think people where able to do that back in those days, electricity wasn't known so I don't think they had any way to make their arrows move mid air!

  13. Why do people hate the new combat system so much! I like it, and I think it's a great jump to the repetitive combat with the lazy animations. AC syndicate had horrible combat.

  14. Combat looks pretty awesome; but I just wish they had dismemberment like how The Witcher 3 had it. In my opinion, The Witcher 3 has the best combat out of any game in history.
    Actually, I think that The Witcher 3 IS the best game in history.

    – Quests are very diverse, interesting, organized extremely well, showing exactly where to go, and even what level you should be.
    – Graphics are really nice
    – Animation is awesome
    – Story is brilliant
    – Characters are very interesting
    – Game within the game (Gwent) is so much fun
    – Voice acting is great
    – Enemies are diverse and interesting

    Wait, we're talking about AC: Origins aren't we? Oops…

  15. All they had to do is remake the assians creed 2 formula
    With better graphics, bigger more robust world with more subtance
    And biggest of all have a STABLE PERFORMANCE and the ac2 and 1 combat system.,…I'm didn't want rpg in ac I wanted assians creed back in Assassin's Creed but I might give it a go for 1st time since unity ? ( but I also have a more "disposable income" ,?
    You already killed one of my favorite gaming franchises ever once…. Any more empty promises, lackluster game bs and I won't be back ever ?


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