Mark Kelly and his wife, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, responded to the mass shooting in Las Vegas. They called for “more than prayers” from President Trump.



  1. no ! we have a mental health issue, it's called the far left liberalism, brain dead people, this is the zombie apocalypse, MSM, OBAMA'S, CLINTON'S, SOROS, they ought to put before a firing squad, that way it's a gun problem for them. !!!

  2. In France all guns are illegal yet terrorists had full auto firearms and killed more than twice as many. This is moronic

  3. Stupid mark!! Prayers are more powerful then anything! Prayers are threat to the devil and his demons! "Pray the rosary everyday to obtain peace for the world! Mother of god said that to one of the saints! Google it

  4. So, if he used home made pipe bombs instead you would out law fertilizer? The 2nd amendment made this country and its not going anywhere. Further, gun control isn't stopping terror attacks in London, Australia or Paris. So, yea.

  5. Anyone could build a bomb and do much greater damage. The internet is full of instructions. Whats difficult is stablizing our economy, fixing our judicial system and creating real justice amidst the enforcement entities.
    If you manage to correct these issues, you could give everyone all the weapons they can carry.

  6. This is what happens when there's no more faith in god!! People still wonder why this happens more often than ever! People have become athiests or muslims etc! When there's in faith in lord jesus, devil comes to destroy, steal,and kill! Don't blame god when tragic things like this happen! More and more people are have become faithless! So sad honestly! I pity this world for what may come next! Peace and love to all

  7. how the hell did he get all those guns in the hotel, here we go ! now there's going to be a government protection agency created for the hotel industry, like the TSA, more perverts to grope men, women, and children before entering the hotel, I think metal detectors would be sufficient, not someones hand squeezing my nuts, we need more gun rights and more leaders with brains !!!

  8. God is REAL. He left something for Us to find on top of Our Planet. I found it several years ago and that's why I created my YouTube Channel. I'd like to invite anyone reading this, to come see what I found on Google Earth. I can prove to anyone on this Planet, that God is ABSOLUTELY REAL BEYOND ALL DOUBT. Please come see. This is NOT Click Bait. Several times already I've asked several different YouTube channels to come and try and debunk what I found, so far no one has. Please come see and help me share it with others. There's HOPE!


  10. With all due respect Sir, your wife was not shot by a gun but by a deranged Democrat. If gun laws worked then Chicago would be a safe place to be and the mass shooting at the Paris concert would not have occurred. Applying the logic of the left regarding the banning of firearms, why not ban cars as they are used by drunks to kill innocent people, too. Using the same comparison, when a drunk is involved in an collision involving injury, would you sue the car's manufacturer or try the drunk driver? The driver, of course, so why is it different in the case of a shooting? Be honest, the left wants to ban guns so they can have their way with a defenseless public, isn't that it? Sure it is! Well, Mark, you're welcome to come and try to take mine. Semper Fi.

  11. Guns are not the problem!
    Its the lack of thats in at lease 40%
    Of the people on Earth.

    These are the things that are missing with inside them;
    1: logic
    2: common sense
    3: morals
    4: values
    5: god
    6: heart
    7: soul
    8: love
    9: peace
    10: empathy

    These 10 things "not in particular order or all". But a few of these on the 10 list, is what is missing and approximately 40% of the people in this world are lacking…
    Parents dont teach right from wrong without having Adults from school calling the police on the parents and how to live life with a very strong patriotic stance on family, friends, work and children of their own.
    Now most of the world children are born in a fatherless homes and abandoned 90% of their lives not being loved…

    The rest of us people in the world better go and fine all of these 10 things and put it deep within Our hearts and go after the real problems. Blaming a non-living tool doesn't solve anything. pumping people full of prescription drugs doesn't solve anything. not loving your own children doesn't solve anything it makes things worse….
    Those and many more issues needs fixing and we cant wait on the Government. The Government will only go after non-living objects and non-living things and it will just make things even more worse for everybody. and it doesn't fix a damn thing as it just punishes the people that are responsible in that does have all 10 of those things on the list above that haax it in their heart and soul.

  12. if you care more about guns than human lives, then you should probably get some psychiatric help to straighten out your fucked up priorities.

  13. Hey Mark Kelly, eat sh** and choke on,  It you scum sucking jerk. You.'re just trying to get a political career on your wife's name.


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