Napa Valley on edge as winds stoke flames.



  1. Well they can burn to hell it's mostly crackers, Asians, and wet backs out there it need to be clean from them diseases what best way to do it is with fire

  2. It's way to easy to forget there are a lot of good people in California because they are over shadowed by extremist and a corrupt culture and a ignorant liberal government.. we need to remember those that are trapped in California that can't just pick up and leave. But perhaps some of them that get burnt out will leave now with nothing to keep them there. I sure hope so but I'm the mean time I will pray for those effected by this fire.

  3. these people make in 1 day what it takes most of us to make in 1 year, they got insurance for all this. but the news does not want to show you the common peoples homes and lives because its not interesting enough.

  4. It was ARSON at least 4 people observed a suspicious vehicle and person inside was throwing flares out the window. Does not make sense too many fires started at once miles and miles apart. Just like Las Vegas false flag they keep changing the narrative and any online videos about incident are taken down. Helicopter involved noise can be heard over stage music and 5-6 shooters. Evil

  5. it seems like that old Karma bug has bit back Big O complete sanctuary state and now they want federal funds for the rest of the US to pay for their fires which they have every single year but yet wish to go against federal law and become a sanctuary state feel sorry for the good people that have lost their lives because of the fact life is precious but in the same hand we are a country of laws no matter what way you attempt to break it whether it's skirt around it or attempt to flat-out break it or both now you can reap what you sow you wish to be a sanctuary state deal with your problems on your own rebuild with your own money not the federal government's money not my money

  6. All Negative Fox news supporters can go jump in a ditch. then let your nazi president jump in with yowitthen we will bury you and the world will be a better place.

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