Al Jazeera talks to Ronan Lee, a Rohingya researcher at Deakin University in Melbourne, about what Myanmar de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s recent speech means for the Rohingya refugees and who were her intended audience.

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  1. the Noble prize of brutality… 
    Obama killed thousands of innocents
    Perez murdered thousands of refugees
    Suu Kyi… the murderous female who brought shame to all women
    UNPF who rape tens and maybe houndreds of defencless people every year…
    What a great political prize………

  2. How tragic..once a prominent leader is now a genocide supporter!!The speech was nothing but a show for the international community which I think are not convinced by her claims..

  3. Bangladesh will give them free food and medicine as long as necessary, but not citizenship. So, Refugees (with due respect) have to live within a confined area and they can't move freely. The International community should find a solution to ensure the return of these people to their homeland. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, and Iran should take them because arms and idea of terrorism are going to Rakhine State through these countries. Bangladesh is not going to be a pull factor for Myanmar just like USA is for Mexican internal problems.


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