1. Kendall shouldn't even be discussed within this topic, Pepsi is who people should be outraged at! She's just a girl who is doing a job, and getting compensation for it.

  2. Not really a fan of Kendall but why is she getting the hate and not Pepsi she's just getting money to had an actor a Pepsi she didn't write the commercial

  3. So people are offend over a commercial? Get a simple fucking reality check folks and quit being offended over a commercial and focus on what's really happening in the world instead of a 30 second advertisement for a soda

  4. I don't know why but I'm annoyed every time I watch the view even for a minute maybe it's time to stop watching this bs

  5. Why are people starting so much controversy over this! Did we all forget this is an advertisement! It's overall message was to advertise Pepsi. This wasn't made to be compared to real life Protists, or real life issues. It's goal advertise Pepsi and it did just that. This has nothing with being Pepsi fault or Her fault or being part of the movement.

  6. Pepsi brings the world together, lets have a drink and talk about this. That's what I got from the commercial. But I can see how it can be misinterpreted as something else. Use words instead of imagery, maybe. I don't know. I guess you can't tell people how to feel and think but you can reason with people. Heck, I give up! Lol. Can't figure this one out.

  7. The Commercial seems to have started a civil war between libtards and SJWs. Pepsi far right political view confirmed.

  8. This is why they love to call us liberals snowflakes cause this is a nonfactor, and this is why I love Whoopi cause she says what I'm thinking… As a Black Women I also don't believe the commercial was offense, because not all protest/marches are created equal, and it was a diverse group of people, with a positive message… People need to wake and get real I wish I saw this much outrage when Trump rolled back EPA regulations, or just signed the house bill giving Internet providers the right to sell our info without our permission. Not to mention what's still going on in standing rock, or with flint water… I'm just saying there is real stuff with real life consequences, yet were debating over commercials, that was sending a positive message… What is wrong with us as a people… #WakeUpAmerica


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