The President’s authorized crew stated they’ve “been crystal clear that the President just isn’t and has not been below investigation,” regardless of blended messages about whether or not particular counsel Robert Mueller is wanting into Trump.



  1. Old saying Trump never understood… “Loose Lips, Sink Ships.”
    Enough with the stupid tweets…. Simply Shut up and most issues will go away.

  2. All of the news outlets try so hard to make everything seem complicated. It's NOT working. We all know exactly what Trump meant. Stop with the media circus already.

  3. Really boring. Will you please report about 'smashing servers with a hammer'. That is some 'solid' obstruction. What is the status regarding her arrest? Please tell us about if Lynch has been jailed yet for her 'rock solid' , "Anarchy" video that I watched. That is "Treason". Another top story: Comey's wife received 500,000.00 campaign contribution from Clinton when Comey didn't charge her with 'obstruction', and 'colluded' with investigators to let her go. Even the close financial ties between Comey, Clinton, and Lockheed Martin; (-the company that makes those fighter jets Trump said he wasn't going to make us pay such a high price for), would be a welcome change. Any of the above would be true, factual, and hold my attention. I'm tired of you guys missing the mark about the "REAL" reason Comey was fired. Isn't that obvious? Over 60 MILLION VOTERS have been patiently waiting on him to arrest her, then he turns out to be just as dirty!


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