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  1. Understand this Song is to go against war but to me it makes me feel like the inhumanity of how terrorist act and how they should be killed. Because they don’t care about people’s lives what’s put them in hell

  2. The first time I heard this (well, the lyrics) start up on the radio, I immediately set my phone down & told my bf to stfu so I could listen to it. Proceeded to tear up, then cried after the song when Lou Brutus said Delores was supposed to record this with them 2 days before she died. That hit me hard. It's not often a song makes me stop what I'm doing, & tell people to shut up. Amazing rendition.

  3. Dont worry it won't be lost I have been given the power to have a pack with true value not like bad wolfs are lone wolfs can't s survive in the wild alone

  4. Im 61 now and maybe my late mum will get her wish one day and mine a united ireland bye from Perth united we stand divided we fall

  5. not that anybody necessarily needs this because it's such an iconic song, but i think there should be a bit more credit/attribution to the cranberries in the title and description of this video. it's not "bad wolves' new track 'zombie'", it's a cover (and an awesome one to be fair). again, yes we all know that it's a cover but you should give credit where credit is due. the only place the cranberries are even mentioned is in youtube's plug for youtube red at the end.

  6. Hate to say this as a huge cranberries fan from back in the day…and love you Delores. This is the best cover I have ever heard!!


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