Eric W. talks through the upcoming map update and what you can expect from the new POIs and Biomes, in addition to some information about the Holiday Trees/Chests!



  1. What can we/you do about player who team up in solos? happened very often to me,they even trade weapons with each other. its rly boring sometimes. but keep going, this is one of the funniest games out there

  2. We want to know if you guys are working on the inventory/backpack upgrade? It’d be cool if you just add one slot to the backpack. So many update items/guns, so little our tiny backpack gets.

  3. Some kinda communication system would be cool like in Overwatch (I mean "voice command" section). In Overwatch they have like "Hello, Thanks, Understood, Ult %, I need healing" etc. In Fortnite we could have something like that. For exemple "Come here" would be really usefull or so simple like "Follow" or something.


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