Billy Eichner talks about Glam Up the Midterms, a bipartisan effort to get young people out to vote, and explains why he thinks actors should be allowed to talk politics.
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Billy Eichner Talks Glam Up the Midterms- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers



  1. Dude , I'm from the other side of the planet, and have nothing to do with USA politics. But if that guy was supposed to be advertisement for engagement in the process , he failed SOOOO bad. Thing only thing he made me want to vote for, was a no vote against his hair. And we have compulsory voting here.

  2. what difference does that make when the cops are just going to seize voter registrations from democratic organizations?

  3. Hmm. Do I vote for corporate shill number 1 or corporate shill number 2?

    We are only allowed to vote for whoever the elite allow us to vote for.

  4. The argument that celebrities shouldn't speak about politics makes no sense. Politics affect EVERYONE and so everyone should be involved in political discourse. If some simpleton thinks a celebrity should "stick to sports" or "stick to acting" then why should a plumber talk about movies, why should a nurse talk about sports, why should an accountant talk about music, etc?? Everyone should talk about politics because silence and/or apathy regarding politics helps no one and allows corruption to spread throughout an ignorant populace.

  5. I work at the Supervisor of Elections office in my county and since the release of the memo we have been bombarded with voters coming in and changing their party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. It is overwhelming for sure.

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  8. I never voted. Politics is way too divisive. I hate the racism, and all of the other bullshit associated with politics. So, no one's getting me out to vote.????


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