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Post Fight Study of the battle betwen Demian Maia and Jorge Masvidal at UFC 211.
Watch my Demian Maia Studies right here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKb7D4fR_VOijMZ8LUbm1rFrgcwimoDjf

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* I don’t personal any of the above footage used. It’s replica is merely for critique and academic functions.

Jordan Elgie – Roses
Joakim Karud – Dreams
Gunnar Olsen – Shoulder Closures



  1. Also i think maia deserved the win, I totally get that masvidal did more damage and defended very well but the damage was not significant enough for me to say he deserves the W. In the Woodley v thompson matches woodley did more damage AND it was significant. Maia had masvidal on the defensive the whole fight essentially and his style isn't damaged focused. If it was masvidal would have been much more beat up.

  2. Great stuff as always. Interesting how Masvidal's "gameplan", as good as it was, was entirely defensive. (1) don't go for jab feint (2) grab and hold arm to avoid choke (3) kick instead of punch to maintain distance. An excellent recipe for survival, if not victory. Makes me think that the answer to BJJ Scout's question about the limits of Maia's BJJ is "no,"

  3. Maia is an amazing jiu jitsu fighter. His lack of physical gifts are a testament to his true mastery, mental tenacity and the power of jiu jitsu itself.

    He has next to no chance vs the young powerhouse Tyrone Woodley. Age, athleticism, combined with Woodley being a very intelligent fighter and well-schooled in high levels of countering jiu jitsu makes this a terrible matchup for Maia.

    Maia could have been champion in many other matchups, but not this one. As his takedowns fail and Tyrone begins battering him I expect the fight to last 3 rounds at absolute Max.

    This wont affect my view of Maia or Woodley at all. Styles, physical attributes, and age matter at some point and this is that point.
    Terrific breakdown btw.

  4. I am a huge Maia fan, but I believe Woodley is a bad match up for him. Woodley won't have to worry about any feints due to Maia's lack of power and Woodley's ability to stuff/defend takedowns. As a result, Woodley will pick Maia apart leading to a knockout in later rounds. 4th or 5th round finish Woodley.

  5. I think this fight was good for Maia because now he knows what he need to adjust for Tyron. To me, he need to fight Tyron the way he fought Gunnar Nelson.

  6. You are still Missing some small things , specially on other ways we force certain reactions, which changes in small yet important details from opponent to opponent ? also, with good work by people like you, there's more and more material about us to scout, so great fighters like Masvidal come more and more prepared. That's the beauty of this game, and I really like your analysis and the work you do. Congrats!

  7. BJJSCOUT your the reason i freakin love jits and Emma you see the art and technique in front of you and then you make these beautiful videos to show how it works thanks dude

  8. Thank you for another awesome video sir.
    Any chance you could look into Jacare's defeat. he broke my heart taking that loss, so glad Maia still keeps the torch lit for us bjj guys.

  9. In my opinion Masvidal won the fight. It was somewhat close, but Maia didn't really accomplish much besides proving that he could take Masvidal's back many times. But Masvidal clearly did more damage and wore Maia down more which probably means that he edged the fight. However if Masvidal got too tired I could see Maia getting him in a submission.

  10. It's not the limits of bjj. it's the limits of yourself. everything has a counter, and in this game, once someone has tape on you, you'd better mix it up. in fact, you can use their strategy against them by having a path against their counter.
    a feint within a feint within a feint so to speak.

  11. Worst match up for Maia . Tyron wrestling and physical strenght gonna be too much for Maia . I see easy fight for Woodley

  12. Can everyone agree with me that Masvidal was roped in this fight, he clearly beat up and owned Maia through out the whole fight. All Maia could do was to go for the take down and attempt submission, and most of this were ineffective. Maia needs to work on his striking skills,

  13. Your film studies are so on point man! As a non practitioner of the arts of bjj but a lifelong mma fan, you're videos made watching fights that used to be boring stalemate into strategic game of positioning. Keep up the great work!

  14. some of the best MMA analysis I've seen. Actually focusing on the finite moments of the match and quickly addressing them. Much preferred to 80% of popular MMA analysts who spend 5 minutes going through 6 seconds of a take-down (Luke Thomas) while somehow missing a large amount of whats actually going on (Masvidal being privy to the jab-feint, for example).

  15. Brilliant analysis. I feel like I'm in high school and I just read Cliffs Notes for a book and saw things that I totally missed the first time around.

  16. great video, I was wondering if you were gonna make one on this fight. the few people I was with when watching thought it was a boring fight. but it had me on the edge of my seat. masvidal did a great job of defending, and I thought the split

  17. People still think Masvidal won, even after the Judges said, SPLIT..even after Jorge admitted defeat, en after SEEINIS CLOSE FIGHT? Its a close one, no doubt, but its got a clear winner. Maia.

  18. Can you do a video on how Tyron R.C. Woodley has such huge knock out power. What is it exactly and can someone not of that weight division develops this power?

  19. I dont think he pushed limits to bjj,he just need to get more creative. Usually what he does is take back and goes for choke.. And thats it. If he cant get choke ,he should try getting some other sub.

  20. As a striker I really like watching Demain Maia, he displays such superior Jiu Jitsu and its 90% likely he will take you down.

    I just wish he put more training into his striking.

  21. Your analysis are great! I am worried they are so great that they make it harder for Demian to win his future fights. How about holding the studys till Maia fight Woodley for the tittle? Better yet, study the game of Woodly to help out Maia's team. I am shure most trainers and figters are studying your analysis.

  22. sick video dude, although I wouldnt say bjj has been pushed to its limit, although maia has gotten close to that. MY opinion is that he was met by a VERY game opponent in masvidal, who comes from a camp with top level bjj coaching. awesome video dude!

  23. Subbed.
    I think Woodley will be his easiest match in a long time. Especially after you highlighted how he capitalizes on punches. Plus I don't think Tyron's fight IQ is on the same level as Masvidal's.

  24. dude your videos are pure genius keep up the good work. My jiu jitsu has improved greatly as well thanks!


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