Shoppers hit the stores early to snatch up the Black Friday deals.



  1. Black folks killed Black Friday. Yup. Mall violence committed by blacks during this festive season, has ruined the mall shopping experience. One minute your ordering yourself some Chinese at the Panda King in the food court, the next minute your running for your life because some vibrant teenagers are attacking folks over the latest tennis shoes. And don't ever take your childrenz to a Chuck E. Cheese for a party. Blacks have a party there and soon there's little vibrant childrenz climbing inside the crane claw machine, skeet ball is just a trained monkey running up the ramp and stuffing the Ball into the Middle circle, childrenz stealing your child's gaming tickets followed by a full on brawl between the birfday recipients mom and her cousins lasquisha for not bringing an expensive enough gift. Black….the reason why good. Law abiding peoples can't have nothing.


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