Release date reveal trailer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle shown during the Arc System Works Fighting Game Award 2017 tournament.
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  1. Character DLC?!
    One of these DLC characters better be Demi-Fiend or Raidou. other wise Ark System, YOU DONE FUCKED IT UP!

  2. Not gonna lie, 20 DLC characters is absolutely awful, especially with the RWBY cast having only 2 characters in the base game. I love you Arc Sys, you make fantastic games but I don't think releasing the game 9 months after announcing it was a good idea if there's gonna be nobody from the RWBY roster and the rest of the roster being DLCs.
    Delay your game and finish it, thank you.

  3. mvci: We have 30 characters with 6 dlc, nobodies gonna compete with us!

  4. I'm also salty if the DLC are actually going to be payable.
    It could be like Es in Blazblue Central Fiction as a downloadable dlc for free.

    I see a Yang,Hakumen,Celica and Yuzuriha sprite there >.>

  5. I was afraid of this, we won’t be getting more RWBY representatives. I figured that they would at least have all 4 members of RWBY at launch, but if Blake is going to be dlc then Yang will be too. Which, to me, means that this isn’t a four-way crossover game but rather a three-way crossover with one “guest” faction.

    I do hope I’m wrong though, I would really like to play as Qrow… : (

  6. 20 extra characters as day 1 DLC is just shameless… especially since characters like Blake seem to already be completed, and it's obvious that you're just holding her behind a paywall…

    Way to spit on the goodwill of the community… -_-

  7. 20 DLC characters, also remember that ark DLC chars were never cheap, every single one was on the $10 mark
    ark is taking business practices from EA it seems

  8. Well. .dlc characters already? And we have to pay in order to see team RWBY complete? That's kinda a low blow for me. .
    For the other hand, I love how they paired the characters in this trailer. Is thay how story mode is gonna roll?

  9. So… I will have to pay even more if I want to play with Yang… Yeah.. You lost me. Love Blazblue but I an't gonna support this kinda of marketing! Disgusting!

  10. Lol You guys shit on capcom for dlc but you better not let arc sys get away with it. Sorry but there’s no excuse for this at all especially considering the roster

  11. just give us a complete $100 version like DBFZ and let get it over with…I kinda feel bad for Kof14 actually, SNK have way too much respect for the community and nobody plays KoF14.

  12. HALF the fucking game is DLC….?

    This went from a Day 1 straight to a lovely little Piss The Fuck Off.

    My, or anyone else's, money is better spent on literally anything else.

  13. how do they do this, really what the hell is this. When you could have beaten Capcom with 2 games that could be great and now you reveal that blake is dlc when she should really be in the game from the beginning and now half of the characters are dlc too. BlazBlue cross tag battle might now effect the sales of dragon ball fighter z and this game too. WHAT THE HELL.

  14. Look if you want to have dlc thats fine, but make blake free, also all of the rwby characters and you should have most of them already on the game without paying for them, this is for the games release and make the other characters dlc for later dates. so 2/3 characters without paying and 1/3 dlc. OKAY

  15. In fact why doesn't blake have the english actor, Ruby got to have the english actor, why can't blake have the english actor as well.

  16. This is gonna be a nightmare especially with the way ArcSys prices their characters. Team RWBY's not even completely in from the get-go. Usually their games have only 2-4 DLC characters which is easy to swallow, but TWENTY?? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS THINKING??

    dlc anger aside, at least they got the best team-up at 0:48

  17. Only 2 RWBY characters? Oh wow so nice of you. Might as well not even have announced them and let them be secret guest characters, 'cause that's what they seem to be here anyway. Big fuck you from Arcsys

  18. 20 characters blake included are dlc.
    This needs to stop this is not ok this is cancer, this is so much cancer that i can feel the tumers growing on my back and its waying down hevey on me and its not ok…can you help a nigga out and just stop this? Please?

  19. So the rest of Team RWBY, the rest of the Investigation Team (Naoto, Kanji, Rise,Teddie), Uniel's cast(Merkava, Yuzuriha, Orie, and Seth(the rival)), and Blazblue's cast(Hakumen, Arakune, Taokaka, Litchi and many other characters) are DLC?

  20. Are they fucking making one of the main characters from fuckin RWBY DLC!!! Da FUCK EA BULLSHIT IS THIS. TAKE YOUR FUCKING NOTES FROM SMASH BROTHERS OR INJUSTICE thats how you do fighting game dlc

  21. Fuck Arcsys! the game is not even out yet and they showing dlc's that already finished and have movesets.. this is not Dlc its Content. dlc is content thats not finished. this Blake character is not dlc its finihsed content that should be put in the main game..

  22. Really though? Personally I have zero experience with the Blaz Blue series but you were about to possibly get a new fan because the RWBY representation drew me here and I've liked what I've seen from this game and other Blaz Blue games. RWBY is without a doubt the most neglected series in this crossover which strikes me as odd because Ruby herself is plastered all over the art for this game so clearly the series isn't a "lesser priority" or something like that. I understand it's very difficult for RWBY characters to be here since they've never appeared in another fighting game and need 2d sprite made from scratch. But it is complete and utter bullshit the main cast of RWBY is locked behind a paywall. 2 fucking characters and we have to pay to see Yang and Blake and forget JNPR or anyone else from the series. That is ridiculous, and you know what? Forget about RWBY for a second half of your fucking roster is DLC? Day 1 DLC??? Absolutely not, skipping this game now 100%.

  23. I see that Team Blue decided to do what Capcom did with Street Fighter X Tekken… It never ends…

    Heh, at least the full music theme is well done.

  24. Grif: DLC???!!! Really asw?!!!
    Tucker: What the hell are you bitching about now? Oh wait, he is going on about how none of us are in that game again.
    Simmons: Actually, he is complaining about how half the roster will be paid dlc.
    Grif: Why the hell do we have to dish out extra money in addition to the $60 we already have to pay for the game. And knowing these games charge $8 per DLC, that is like…..
    Simmons: $160 worth of DLC?
    Grif: Gee, thanks, math wiz.
    Simmons: You don't even have to buy the game if you don't want it.
    Grif: Damn right I don't. I don't want to get milked out of my money.
    Sarge: Well that game is not gonna be played in our base anyways, obvious to the fact that game has the word "BLUE" in it!!!!


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