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  1. Which one is the guy in the light green shirt because i see comments about him but i cant tell what the colour of the shirts are (im colour blind)

  2. Wow wow wow wow I lost brain cells. They really told the woman she is racist even though she can't even see the person she'd be racist against. She's NEVER seen anything that has to do with race. She just hears voices and still. This doesn't make sense. For her simply existing as a white person makes them racist that's SICK

  3. The little Indian woman is so cute
    Are you racist?
    Because I can't see giggles

    She'd probably be fun as hell to chill with in real life

  4. It is natural for the human brain to categorize things.. It makes stuff easier to remember . There is a study concerning this brain generalizing stuffs but I forgot the title … Anyways , since we are all diff. and unique we need to be more understanding and kind to everyone. It makes the world a better place 🙂

  5. Seems like the woman in the blue acknowledged she had white privilege even as a blind woman. She spoke the truth and acknowledged that even within the blind community there is stereotyping.

  6. Everyone else shut down that privileged bitch in the blue shirt about racism. She's only saying she's racist because she thinks she has to be because she's white. Fuck outta here bitch.

  7. Bruh these blind niggas really tried it so I'm gone send them some shit in braille.
        .        .       .              .            .        .                   . 
      .         ..           .          .            .. .        .                . .
                  .           . ..           . …            .. . . …           .

  8. so basically there was only 1 racist in the video and shes hates white people. what exactly is the motive of this video? it proves whites are more oppressed than any race in america

  9. 0:49
    Capitalism did not start because of racism or slavery. Its been around a lot longer than that; Yes, the united states did benefit because of slavery, but slavery did not give birth to capitalism.

  10. That white girl sound stupid af, how are you racist. Like you said sometimes you can't tell whether they're black, white, etc ..sooo it shouldn't matter ? to me you're racist just to be it

  11. 0:31 said so well, we're all guilty (black, white, hispanic, ect) of having preconceived notions of people as soon as we identify them as part of THAT group, even within our own communities. We're all guilty of this because its human nature.


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