Hundreds marched via the streets of St. Anthony, Sunday, to demand justice for police taking pictures sufferer Philando Castile, after former St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of manslaughter in Castile’s killing.

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  1. Maybe Americans should start calling justice in the form of calling out behavioral problems in the minority communities.

  2. Without TRUTH
    there is NO JUSTICE
    without Justice there can be NO PEACE
    PS: Watch out Fusion Centers using Individual Biometrics for Remote Covert Surveillance, Tracking & Targeting of Protesters
    Evidence on Law Enforcement hard drives. Computerized Tactical System part of DHS Military Unification

  3. that was bullcorn….the officer is guilty of murder! its anarchy the law is not above the law….its to protect and serve the people!

  4. You dumbasses who support the ZioNazi trained overseers known as Police Depts, are supporting a fascist Police State, which actually considers White America as its biggest threat. Who do you think the FEMA camps are for? Minorities or white folks? LOL. The corrupt ZioNazi fascists have left the borders wide open so that whites are no longer the majority. Janet Napolito made it clear in several memos, that whites were the main targets for Homeland Security. Yet, here you applauding fascists, every time they're getting in practice time by killing minorities. Your racism has blinded some of you idiots, to the point where you can't even see what's coming over the horizon. Good luck with that, you filthy animals. As for me, there's no FEMA camp in my future.

  5. I have seen that lady with the loudspeaker before. She gets paid to go around the country to incite anger and hate and rally the troops. I bet she wakes up every morning hoping police shoot a black person so she can "protest" while collecting a fat check.


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