Among essentially the most influential skate boarders the trade has ever seen, Bob Burnquist continues to be innovating. In his new webisode sequence, Burnquist grants his followers unique entry to the personal area wherein so lots of his contributions to skateboarding had been born, his yard in Southern California, higher referred to as “Dreamland.” Hence, “The Dreamland Series.”

To lead off the sequence, we see one thing from Burnquist that hasn’t been seen since 2010: a full-length video half crammed with never-before-seen footage. And, the Hip. Yes, he added a Hip characteristic onto his private MegaRamp. A Hip that begins up on a hill and sends him throughout a 15-foot hole into the 25-foot quarterpipe. You know, one thing mellow.

Music – Ben Harper
“I Will Not Be Broken” http://smarturl.it/iwillnotbebroken
“Up To You Now” http://smarturl.it/uptoyounow



  1. It's hard to argue that Bob isn't the best skateboarder alive right now. He has brought tech street skating to vert skating. Vert skating where a lot of which he is not using his hands for……….also seems like a real humble guy. Doesn't seem to care to be in the limelight too much.

  2. honestly i skated street always and the difference between street and vert is like athiesm and religoin lol. what do you guys prefer? i always loved street, watching it, skating it, etc. vert is cool too but i def have my preferences. input!

  3. I got to visit his backyard skatepark years ago when I won a raffle! It was so awesome, he is such a nice guy and one of the greatest!

  4. usually hate wealthy people. But I can see this man has earned everything he has to be as successful as he is. he is one incredible human bein. I know nothing of skateboarding. and he is my favorite one. keep living life man. you rock dude.


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