German police have detained a suspect with “Islamist hyperlinks” following a bomb assault on the bus of the Borussia Dortmund soccer workforce. Prosecutors additionally mentioned one of many three explosive gadgets contained metallic strips. Two letters claiming the assault on Tuesday night have been being investigated, they mentioned.
Prosecutors are treating the blasts as a terrorist assault however say the exact motive is unclear at current. Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday mentioned the assault was “an appalling crime” and praised the followers of each groups for coming collectively.

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  1. The only good Sand-Ape is a dead Sand-Ape , me love watching them get killed and Europe gonna be Great once you Deport them all !

  2. Obviously the guy is "islamist" bet you if the guy was christian the news would still say he is a "muslim" ffs so many Kurds are fighting IS but we get returned with is shit from the US because of their alliance to Turkey and they keep attacking our army even though we are fighting IS and then you have ignorant people thinking terrorists only attack the west get the f out

  3. What a surprise! A Muslim! Is his name Muhammad? It is a recurring MO, day after day. When is the west going to wake up and nuke Mecca, destroy EVERY Mosque in the west and deport ALL Muslims to Saudi Arabia.

  4. America would have been Supreme and not such a joke if it wasn't for muslims destroying their towers. Muslims ruin everything in every country for people. Just look at the middle east for example

  5. How easily fear works on the bigoted. In these attacks led to divide, you cower together and spit your hate & ignorance just as they hoped you would. Just as terrorists do. News Flash you scared Nazi pricks, not all muslims are evil, not all terrorists are brown and If you shove that head of yours any further up each other's asses, you'll suffocate on each other's bullshit.


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