Former interim chair for the DNC Donna Brazile says the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign team was focused on ‘algorithms’ and ‘data modeling,’ not knocking on doors to win voters’ support.



  1. Super Delegates, and other garbage. The nomination process has been rigged for years. I mostly believe Donna, but she had an obligation to the public to blow the whistle while there was still time to act. She did not.

  2. You lied & cheated lady you are done. Tucker why do you give this cheater air time? She helped Clinton steal the nomination from Bernie, Brazile should be home knitting.

  3. Hillary Clintons DNC Team I$I$ was and IS a RACIST Terroristic OPERATION of HATE Mass Murder Blackmail and Pedophilia !

  4. The fuck is going on here, look at this fox news youtube video.. look at the date it was posted and the date on the first comment in the comment section..

  5. Brazille: The Clinton team were very cheap. There was no budget for snacks, office supplies, entertainment and business attire. Also, Hillary put an abrupt end to casual Fridays.


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