Charlottesville mayor Mike Signer tweeted minutes in the past that one particular person was killed when a automotive plowed right into a crowd of protesters. He can also be urging demonstrators and onlookers to go house for their very own security. “I’m heartbroken that a life has been misplaced right here. I urge all individuals of fine will–go house.” There are additionally reviews that the driving force of the automotive is in custody; police have but to substantiate that.



  1. Dressing up as the grand wizard and members of the KKK ruined the entire message of censoring our history. What is next, the Alamo, Battle of Little Bighorn, the Washington Monument, the Korean and Vietnam memorials? I'll say it, the KKK, BLM, ANTIFA, B.A.M.N. and C.A.R.E., are all terrorist hate groups. Meaning the people of the United States, shouldn't order one word when ISIS or ISIL destroys a church, a monument, a mosque, or any other religious artifact or statue.

  2. I blame Trump! Maybe if he wasn't an incompetent cuck like majority of his sheep who follow his every move, there wouldn't be incidents like these happening in the first place.

  3. And this right here ppl is Chumps America…from dividing families,racism from his rallies,and just his dumb way of thinking has fucked this whole nation apart…

  4. i see alot of comments from a bunch of white trash idiots.
    they are europeans decentders.
    where there accentrys are from the europeans countrys.

    who comes to us whit the 13 colonys.

    thoses scumbags never study.
    jajaja bunch of dumbfucks.

  5. Was a leftist behind the wheel LOLOLOL.
    None of this would have happened it the pink haired losers hadn't
    A. Tried to erase actual history
    B. Attacked a random Dodge
    C. Had adequate self esteem to live they're own lives.
    D. All of the above.

    The answer is always D you pleeb

  6. leave the statues alone ! none of us were alive during those times ! how would the niggers react if we said that we're going to take statues down and rename every road that was name after one of the most rabble rousing niggers of all time , martin luther king ?

  7. the federal government are funded also by white nationalist. so if blacks protest about a particular cause, we would not only have to defend ourselves from white nationalist but also the government

  8. Do any of you guys get the game these rich people are playing with us? They want this too happen because they already know how were going too react, it's a distraction from something.

  9. They plowed into alt-right demonstrators or anti alt-right demonstrators… based on other reports, it's the latter. Especially seeing people of all races being put into ambulances. I doubt a black woman was hanging with the white supremacists but even CBS is unsure… maybe their trying to diversify their ranks.

  10. Did not the White Nationals have permit for their rally? From my understanding the rally was peaceful until another group disrupted it. Whether or not you approve of the rally they have the right to hold it, the other group does not have the right to disrupt it. That is when the chaos began.

    For their actions and reactions Trump is correct, both sides are at fault.


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