On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that makes it easier for Americans to buy cheaper health insurance plans, using his presidential powers to weaken Obamacare after fellow Republicans in Congress failed to repeal the 2010 healthcare law.



  1. Schummer is full of @##*&/ $ thank God for our brilliant President Donald Trump, he's always at work doing something positive and good for the people unlike Schummer and his evil empire. #maga

  2. Donal Trump supporters can you give me only one good reason for this executive decision, how this will benefit you? How this will benefit the average worker?

  3. trump cant weaken anything.
    legislation can.
    republicans cant pass legislation.
    trump has an ongoing twitter war with a republican senator.
    the 2018 mid terms arent far away.
    the robert mueller investigation of russian collusion, silently continues.

  4. Good for our wonderful president Donald Trump. These damn Democrats and Republicans have been in there for years and can't get anything done because they want to weaken the American citizen so that they don't have any money to do anything to buy extra food to pay rent to go on vacations. They want to make slaves out of us. Good for president Trump keep it up we love you


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