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The moment I heard the opening thump of bass…I knew I would be using this song for my film. But then those haunting vocals hit my ears…and blew my mind. It was like a punch deep in my soul. It’s hard to explain that feeling when you first hear a song and you immediately fall in love with it. Almost like you’ve known it all along.

I hadn’t even planned to start working on this film yet, but I was so inspired that I furiously began to lay down time-lapse clips. I couldn’t stop pouring over it. It was last September and I was supposed to be working on Monsoon IV, but I forgot all about it once I heard Ex Makina’s “Breathe.” It almost felt like it was made for a black and white storm film.

About halfway through editing, I knew the song title would be my film title as well. It was so perfect I couldn’t believe it. Sometimes for me…when I’m chasing or watching an amazing storm…I’ll realize I haven’t taken a breath in awhile. Never really thought of it until I heard this song.

I love being inspired by other artists. I love soundtracks. I can’t imagine the movie Interstellar without that powerful pipe organ soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. Music is so important to what I do and I’m so incredibly thankful to husband/wife duo Iain and Rebecca Campbell for writing this amazing song. Thanks to the MusicBed as well for having such fantastic musicians and artists.

In early 2017, I put together a film called Pulse that was my first ever black and white time-lapse movie. It was so different and fun, I wanted to do a follow-up this year before the next chase season begins. Breathe is made up solely of storm clips from 2017…either from the spring across the central plains or from the monsoon here in the southwest. Some are favorites, some are just ones I knew would be amazing in monochrome and others I used because they fit the music so well.  I also went with a wider aspect ratio on these films to give it more of a cinematic feel.

This is also the first film I’ve ever done in full 8K resolution. I’m super excited about that. You may not be able to watch it in that resolution, but it’s there if you can. Otherwise, 4K is a must if you can!

I truly hope you enjoy this. For me, I needed something to pass the time and bridge the next few months as I wait for supercells to return to the plains. But honestly, I truly love putting these together. Thanks for all your support in the past and feel free to share!

Technical Details:

I used two Canon 5DSR’s along with a Canon 11-24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 135mm and Sigma Art 50mm. Manfrotto tripods. The final product was edited in Lightroom with LR Timelapse, After Effects and Premiere Pro.



  1. This is amazing! I'm a huge fan of your videos! You literally do magic with every scene! The landscapes are gorgeous! Greetings from Argentina!

  2. Awesome!!!! Love it!! Another place you can get unlimited music for only $30/month is Epidemic sound! They are great

  3. This is stunning! Everybody who know something about timelapse understand that theres a lot work behind this. And I kinda liked the BW thing, even I think the beauty of colors in weather is amazing, as in your Monsoon film.

    Added to my Top 10 Timelapses of all time playlist!

  4. Another breathtaking video, Mike! It is simply incredible, as with many of your videos, it's inspiring. Your hard work filming and editing definitely paid off!

  5. I love you and I hate you! Your work is amazing and I agree "a true work of art". I hate you because you make my movies seem very mundane and ehh. But I truly love watching every production you post. Thank you for sharing and giving me a level of perfection and beauty that I can strive to achieve.

  6. The way the music compliments the black and white is phenomenal. Definitely one of my favorites! I cannot stop watching it! Makes me want to get back out to the plains to chase!

  7. I'm blown by how you well you do this each and every time. It seems as if the clouds are dancing to the music, and you are making them do so. So incredibly beautiful. Always look forward to your work. It's pure poetry.

    Gonna catch everyone in my vicinity and make them watch this haha!


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