Colombian police seized over 12 tons of cocaine valued at US$360 million (€310.4 million) in Apartado on Wednesday, the largest-ever seizure in the country’s history, according to President Juan Manuel Santos.
Police reported that the drugs belonged to the trafficking cartel ‘the Gulf Clan’ and that they arrested four people during their operation. Colombia is one of the leading producers of the substance, and is often dubbed the world’s “cocaine capital.”


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  1. These packages are already filled with sugar.While the original product is being cut with sugar 1000% and sold through the usual suspects.As long as its impossible to die from an overdose, they reckon its fair game.

    For the elite it’s just a cash crop.For the fuckers in the street, just something that will destroy their health.

    All this of course ,courtesy the police.

  2. Congratulations. As to Psycho Bunny and Corona markings, all I can say is that “psycho” means “correct, now shut up”. Having been known as the Bunny Rabbit for almost 30 years, I guess this was a message to US DEA, me, and our Central and South American friends. The worst the morons can do has been name call as their systems start falling apart.

  3. You know what a double Colombian is?
    Sweet sweet coffee sugared with Colombian mountains sweet sweetness
    A coco special and i'm my way to go

  4. Like we know.

    If you take a multi national company, and see how much effort they have to put in, to supply all around the world.

    Just imagine that with the drug trade.

    You can see, that this is one serious business, that all govs must be involved in, at some level, to allow this stuff to go on.

    With the techs today, they could easily stop all major shipments, but obviously the drug trade is run on some level, where all govs agree on it. They just pretend to the public now and again they are doing something.

    If you think about the logistics for the drug trade, it must be one enormous business. Then the money get laundered in places like new york stock exchange, to keep the vile american stock exchange going. A huge amount of laundered money goes this way.

    So govs must be all involved at some level, to have drugs everywhere on earth all the time. How come there are never any shortages, if its illegal?

    You can see why it is in hollywood they are one of the biggest promoters of drug use, as well as the music industry.

    For anyone whom has never thought about this, just think about the logistics that it takes to supply the world with illegal drugs all the time. It must be one massive operation.

    They say one of the biggest reasons for vietnam war, was to get americans hooked on drugs. They, the american military were bringing drugs back to america, in coffins.

    So whom ever is behind all this, it must be one hell of an operation, that is endorsed by all govs at some level, as they at some level are all in on it. The drug trade could only exist, as all gov endorse it.

    The american war on drugs, was only about getting rid of its opposition in the drug trade. We all know this.

  5. My math is most likely wrong, but this must represent something like 2,400 tons of coca leaf ?

  6. Good catch and all but what they gonna do with all that stuff now?
    I know that cocaine can be used in pharmaceutical industry. If they
    sell all that to those Pfizer or Bayer suckers they get a lot of money!


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